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32. Principals office

31. Piggies!

30. Transformation Checklist

29. The Football Team

28. Sarah gets carried away

27. Coach Goes Bananas

26. Sarah visits the coach

25. Turning the Teacher Over

24. Sarah Takes Her Teacher Down a

23. Sarah prepared

22. Sarah goes to class

21. Sarah's fixes things further

20. Sarah's not liking this attitu

19. Sarah's First target continued

18. Sarah's first target

17. See you later

16. Cum Again

15. Don't disturb untill morning

14. Karyn's nightly adventure

13. Sarah's Late Night Companion

Sarah finishes the lockerroom

on 2014-07-14 22:01:49

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Sarah had tears in the corners of her eyes. She was laughing so hard at what was left of the football team.
She couldn't wait to see how their next match would go with half the team out of commission or severely hampered by their new situation.
"You know what guys?" She spoke of the constant stream of curses, the non stop sound of urine hitting the toilet and the slurping on the large cock next to her. " I think I'm going to leave you now. I think you need some alone time to get used to the new you."
She leisurely walked to the door. In the doorway she half turned and winked at the boys. "taataa."
The 9 inch boy came running towards her, yelling at the top of his lungs.
"I wish that little kid would take better care of his dollies."
The tiny athlete was suddenly dressed in a dolls outfit and just before the door closed Sarah saw the younger boy walk to get his toy back.

Sarah sauntered through the hallways, finally arriving at the principals office. In front of the office was a waiting room with his secretary. A black haired lady, with a rather angular face. She was sort of pretty and because of that everyone had the same suspicion about her landing that job.
Sarah walked in like she owned the place.

The secretary, Amy, looked up from her exciting game of solitaire.
"Miss McMillan, what did you do this time?"
Sarah sat on the corner of her desk and smiled as she replied. "Nothing yet, but I need to talk to the principal."
Amy let go of her mouse. "Really? And what is so urgent and please get off my desk."
Sarah chuckled. "You know what, I don't think you can tell me what to do. You're just a secretary and I'm the most popular girl at school. The one most likely to succeed in life. In fact, I'm amazed you even have the courage to talk to me. I wish you would realise that."

The stone glowed just as Amy opened her mouth. Her eyes seemed to change. Where there was once indifference was now insecurity. Her mouth closed again. What could she possibly say to this gorgeous girl on her desk.
Sarah sat there smiling. She wasn't going to waste too much time on this silly thing, but seeing her struggle was just so good.
"Did you want to say something Amy?" she inquired with mock interest.
Amy's mouth opened again. She wanted to tell Sarah to get off her desk and get lost. She had worked hard to get where she was, life isn't always easy. But she couldn't. Amy said something, so soft it was barely a whisper. Her eyes transfixed themselves on the computer screen, her cheeks flushed red.
"I'm sorry, I didn't catch that. I'm just going to leave you here to you 'important' work while I talk to the principal okay?" Sarah said.

"nn...o" Amy whispered mumbling.
Sarah ignored her weak protests and got up. She walked to the large dark wooden door to the principals office. Behind her she heard Amys chair get pushed back as she got up to pursue the cheerleader.

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