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8. Jon asks out Sarah and acciden

7. Jon Changes the Restaurant to

6. Jon Goes to Sarah's Restaurant

5. waiting tables

4. Wishes About Sarah

3. Jon Gets Another Idea

2. Jon Gets an Actual Good Idea

1. You Are What You Wish

Getting Bold With Southern Sarah

on 2024-05-07 15:06:43

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Jim was lifted from his reverie when Sarah set down his plate of food.

"Here ya go, darlin'. I had 'em give you an extra scoop of tater salad, give ya a little winter weight." She cackled and gave him a little poke on the arm. "Now I'm clockin' out soon, so let me know if there'a anythin' else I can getcha."

Jon paused as he took in the ample figured southern belle. "Well," he began, "How about you put an order for yourself on my tab and join me as soon as you finish?"

"Why Jon Gibson," she said with a surprised guffaw, "I never thought you'd be so bold! Rather impressive I must confess. It honestly is quite tempting, but management frowns on us gettin' too friendly with the customers. Plus my folks want me back at the farm before too late. But do come see me anytime if you want an extra scoop of taters." She gave him a playful wink and made her way back to the counter.

While clearly a win for him, Jon was feeling impatient. "I wish she couldn't resist me," he said idly before feeling the stone's telltale warm glow. Oh no! Hopefully this would only affect Sarah, but what if he was changed into someone she couldn't resist?

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