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5. First Henshin

4. Sailor Moon

3. Kayrn Skinsuit Cosplay plan's

2. Creating the Skinsuit Dimesion

1. You Are What You Wish

Jon's Skinsuit Dimesion: First transformation

avatar on 2024-04-27 12:05:52

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After a few minutes of walking with Karyn she picked up a skinsuit herself and place it and it’s clothing into her backpack she still had from school. Jon couldn’t tell at a glace who Karyn had gotten out of the rack and when asked she only said that it “it would be a surprise.” Since Karyn had a woman’s id already she didn’t need to use the extractor herself. She could just explain the differences of her appearance as just makeup.

So with costumes chosen for the convention they had no reason to stick around the skin-suit dimension. Jon shifted back to his room where it already became apparent something changed. His blue walls had turn into a peachy beige color, he had an antique vanity right next to his bed. Said bed had a pink blanket with little bunnies on it. The floor had a pink rug placed around the center of the room. Not the girliest room but still not to Jon’s taste.

“Hm room’s changed.” Karyn observed. “But check your ID Jon.”

Jon found his wallet on the new vanity and opened up and for sure the id inside had her new face on it. Apparently her new name was Serena Bunny Gibson. Karyn peeked from behind and stifled a giggle.

“Bunny? Their is no way that can be your real middle name” Karyn teased.

“Whatever Karyn, it only for a few days and them we never speak of this again.”

“Fine fine,” Karyn said “Now see if you can transform into sailor moon, this whole convention is going to be a bust if you can’t dress as Sailor Moon.”

“Ok…..Karyn do you remember how Sailor Moon transformed in the show?” Jon asked.

“That’s a good question, it been a decade since I seen that show and even as a kid it wasn’t something I watched religiously.” Karyn admitted “ I think it was she held up that compact on your ribbon and shouted moon...something power.”

“Moon...Prism Power?” Jon said, the words just coming out his mouth.

Suddenly the pendent started to glow brightly, and in a bright flash of light Jon’s outfit was changed. It was similar to the outfit she was wearing before but the skirt shrank to covered only cover her theights, though a quick check showed that she wasn’t going to show off her panties since her blouse had transformed into a leotard. Her hands were now covered in white gloves with 3 red arm fittings on the edge. Her shoes were replaced with knee high red boots with little moons on the top of them. Looking in the vanity she she saw a tiara adorn on her head with red spheres embed in the buns of her hair.

“Wow I guess the transformation sequence was only to waste time in the show. I guess in real life it’s instant.” Karyn remarked. “It certainly looks much better quality then any cosplay I’d ever seen but how does it feel.”

“I hate to admit it, but it feels like the most comfortable thing I ever wore…” Jon said.

“Serena I told you before that you transformation is not a toy!” an unfamiliar voice shouted in a vaguely British accent.

Jon looked around seeing nobody their, until he looked down at her door to find a black cat with a yellow moon mark on her forehead. Which was weird because Jon didn’t own a cat. Did a stray get into the house?

“Serena stop gawking, it’s rude.” The cat said.

“Holy shit a talking cat!” Jon shouted.

“Serena did you hit your head or something? I been living here for several months now.”

“Jon I think that the cat from the show...Luna I think her name was.” Karyn whisped in Jon’s ear.

“But what is she doing here?” Jon whispered back.

“I don’t know...”

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