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2. next day

1. You Are What You Wish


on 2024-04-16 00:21:27

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Jon was getting ready for school. He still needed too help Karen with that carless wish. Jon checked his phone and saw a message from Karen.

< Know how 2 fix wish bring stone>

<Ok> send

Jon started thinking if Karen wishes at school he may not be near her her class was on the south east side of the school and his was north side
Jon needed a wish too hear the wish so he would not think Karen had the wrong boobs and hair when she had the right boobs and hair.

(Jon) I wish that when Karen makes her wish I will hear it as if I was next too her.

That should help was Jon's thought. Jon then finished getting ready for school and was on his way. When Jon got to school he saw Karen.

(Karen) Jon did you bring it?

(Jon) Yes here it is.

Jon handed the stone to Karen.

(Karen) All right let's find a place too fix the problem.

Karen spoke like that because there were people around and she did not want to be overheard making her wish.

(Jon) It's ok I will hear you even if you are on the other side of school.

(Karen) Did you?

(Jon) yes I did. Take it and do what you haft to do.

Karen hugged Jon he was glad too help Jon stopped at the rest room to go when he heard Karen's wish.

(Karen) I wish that Jon and I would swap bodies with ourselves from a parallel universe where I did not make the hair and boob wish.

Jon wanted too stop Karen but he can't do that from here he then felt dizzy and blinked he was no longer in the rest room but the class room
the room seemed different to him but Jon did not know what was different.

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