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2. No need to choose

1. The Future of Gaming

All forms available

on 2011-04-25 21:54:22

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I deacided the first choice to make would be my species. I started looking through some of the options when I saw something that caught my eye. Shapeshifter. I selected it. Up popped a description of the species.
"Shapeshifters are one of the most fascinating of all creatures. Shapeshifters randomly appear among a species. For gaming purposes, gaming deacided are randomly selected to have this species available. When you choose to be a shapeshifter, you must choose an origin form and all of it's stats. Then you must choose two alternate forms. These alternate forms can used at anytime. If you are killed at anytime while playing, the game will randomly select another form to take while the other one heals. Multiple forms can be used together, so that weaknesses can be countered. An experienced player can learn to combine forms and abilities. Another thing to note is that only the base form has personality attributes."

This was difinatly something I wanted to use. Now a I had to deacided was what to use as a base form.

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