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3. Cyber Curse - Day 1

2. A wish for something interesti

1. You Are What You Wish

Cyber Curse - Day 1

on 2024-03-17 17:33:37

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MC Magic SciFi Unaware

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Jon sat at home, thinking. "Hmmm, I'm bored. I wish something interesting would happen." he said while holding the stone. "Uh oh, what happened?" Jon asked.

When nothing unusual seemed to happen for some time, Jon eventually settled down and went to sleep...

The following morning, Jon was awoken by a persistent, annoying buzzing sound. It took his still sluggish mind a few moments to realize that it was his phone on vibrate.

Rolling over & reaching down to the floor, beside his bed, where his phone had laid forgotten for the night, he grasped the noisy object.

Pushing himself up on his bed, he placed his thumb on the fingerprint scanner to open the screen.

Almost immediately, there was an intense burst of light and colour. Jon was so startled that he simply froze and stared at the screen.

In fact, Jon stared at the screen for several minutes, blinking only a few times, as the screen displayed a myriad of swirling colours and intricate patterns, much like an old kaleidoscope.

As abruptly as it began, the light winked off. Jon remained entranced for a few minutes more, while his brain re-booted for the second time that morning.

Awareness returned to Jon in a rush. He looked at the blank screen on his phone and wondered why he was looking at it at all, let alone why he wasn't still asleep.

Jon had no conscious memory of what had happened, but very soon, Jon was about to experience "something interesting". Not only had Jon's phone been hacked, but now so too had Jon's mind.

Additionally, Jon's inadvertent wish for something interesting to happen had caused drastic changes to his school curriculum.

Instead of staring his school day with s double history, as was usual for Mondays, Jon and the rest of his form class were going to be engrossed in a new "women's studies" course. A course which promised to be far more practical, than theory.

In this newly created reality, Jon had fallen victim to a new international threat, as yet not fully understood, the "Cyber Curse".

How would the new changes at school effect Jon, Karen and the rest of their classmates?

How would this Cyber Curse work and what would be it's effects?

One thing was certain, things were going to become very interesting, for Jon, for Karen, for their families and everyone associated with them.

This was just the beginning...

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