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2. A Life Changed Forever

1. The Drafting Board

A Life Changed Forever

on 2018-06-03 10:56:37
Episode last modified by mumbalo on 2018-06-03 11:06:11

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This is a story originally written by Clockworange on For a reason not known to me,
it got removed. I got permission to distribute them on other sites. Hopefully they will get continued.

This process will take some time, since I wont be able to copy everything in one go.
Please be patient :D

This story takes place after the life altering swap or morph has occurred, you have the choice to mention the swap and explain how it happened,
but the story is about after the event and the physical and emotional challenges that the protagonist (or possible other character as well, if you decide)
has to deal with. Also note, that the swap is permanent.

All chapters are also to be written in the first person.

The Characters:

The Long's

Michael Long 17 6ft tall, with green eyes and short brown hair, normal weight

Lindsey long 40 5’4ft tall, with brown eyes and long blonde hair, D cup breasts, in shape with a curvy figure

Jonathan long 45 6’1ft tall, with blue eyes and short brown hair, normal weight

The Michelson’s

Peter Michelson: 17, 5’11ft tall good friends with Marcus Carver and is round faced somewhat athletic with light brown hair and bright blue eyes

Mary Michelson: 40, 5’5ft tall Peter’s mother, thin with blonde hair blue eyes and with small D sized breasts

Danny Michelson: 42, 6ft tall Peter’s father has good paying job with green eyes and jet black hair and a large mustache and a round face

Joseph Michelson: 6, 3’5ft tall Peters little brother has green eyes and blonde hair

Christina Michelson: 16 5'4ft tall Peters younger sister has blue eyes, long blonde hair and B cup breasts.

The Fulton’s

Emma Fulton: 49, 5’8ft tall green eyes, thin with blonde hair and C cup breasts, married to Patricia Fulton, nearby neighbors of the Michelson’s

Patricia Fulton: 50, 5’7ft tall blue eyes, thing with brown hair and D cup breasts

The Carver’s

Marcus Carver: 17, 6ft tall Peter’s best friend brown hair brown eyes somewhat over Weight

Liz Carver 52, 5’3ft tall Marcus’s mother, average weight, with black hair and brown eyes with C cup breasts

Derrick Carver: 48, 6ft tall Robert’s father, over weight, with brown hair and hazel eyes

The Smith's

Victoria Smith 17, 5'5ft tall friend of Marcus with shoulder length brown hair, green eyes, B cup breasts normal weight

Lorraine Smith 44 5'6 tall blue eyes with shoulder length brown hair, D cup breasts normal weight.

Christopher Smith 52 6'1ft tall green eyes with short blonde hair, normal weight.

The Green’s

Jack Green 46 5’11ft tall, grey eyes with brown hair, normal weight

Elizabeth Green 39 5’9ft tall, blue eyes with red hair, DD cup breasts, normal weight.

Branden Green 16 5’10ft tall, grey eyes with brown hair, normal weight somewhat athletic

Steven Green 16 5’10ft tall, grey eyes with brown hair, normal weight Identical twin of Branden

Jennifer Green 10 4’7ft tall, brown eyes with light brown hair, normal weight

Brian Williams 30 6ft tall, brown eyes with light brown hair, normal weight, single and fairly wealthy and new to the neighborhood.

Feel free to make more characters as you see fit :)

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