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2. Become Suzie

1. The Future of Gaming

Suzie's an Angle, you are Suzie

on 2010-10-04 06:31:18

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After a while of careful building you avatar was a near perfect copy about 5'3", with Blue hair, with blond roots and the most beautiful set of curves. Though you had to make come modifications to be part of the Angelic class White with gold rim for your irises, a paler complexion, Wings, and slightly taller to accommodate said wings. In addition to that you kept male equipment between your legs.

For armer you wore a headband made of golden chain, your top was a white ribbon (like the photo you love), The best your bottom could be called was a surrong and on your feet you wore gold and white 3 inch heels.

In one hand you wielded a +1 angel sword, with a light multiplier. In the other a +2 angle shield

With that done you go to find Suzie

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