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7. M'sPW: No More Homework

6. M'sPW: Oh Golly. Things Are Go

5. Mikey's Princess Wish: Comprom

4. John checks in

3. Watching movies

2. Mikey's princess wish

1. You Are What You Wish

M'sPW: No More Homework

on 2024-01-22 20:30:04

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Magic Myth Unaware

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With a flash of light, a small structure appeared on Jon's dresser. It was the size of two shoe boxes arranged in an 'L' shape. Jon heard tiny snores coming from inside. Peeking inside a small window he saw miniaturized living room furniture, a kitchen, and in the top half closed curtains where the light was emanating from. Scattered on the floor of the tiny bedroom he could just make out tiny cans of Pabst Blue Ribbon and a half-full tiny bottle of Maker's Mark. Curiosity getting the better of him, Jon grabbed a Q-Tip and nudged the curtains aside revealing three tiny pixies passed out on the large heart shaped bed in the miniature bedroom.

Nudging the curtains closed, Jon minced over to his school folder and saw his schoolwork was signed with his name and someone named Candy Lights. Candy's name was in gold glitter.

Walking back down to Mikey's room, Jon sat down on the bed and kicked his heels off to get comfortable. "Okay Mikey, homework is, uh, apparently dealt with."

"Homework?" Mikey asked. "We don't have that at school. Our Companions help us get it all done during the day and make sure we absorb everything we've been taught."

"Oh, right." Jon chuckled. "What did you learn today?" Jon asked.

"Trigonometry." replied Mikey.

"In grade school?"
Jon asked.

"Of course," Mikey said. "We need to learn advanced mathematics so we can start on Beginning Magical Theory next year."

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