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2. Choosing Ettin

1. The Future of Gaming

Choosing Ettin

on 2010-01-22 01:09:55

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I put in my name, but then I erased it. This is a game, I thought, might as well be creative. I typed in Davodo for my name, and I put male for my gender. I then began looking down the list of races to be. There must have been thousands. I decided to go with one that hardly anyone would use. An Ettin, that sounds cool. Next was advanced appearance. I programed it to use my facial features on the race I chose. Then I edited a little. Next, I chose my class as a Warrior. I skipped profile, and I couldn't do anything with specialties or items since I just started the game. I decided to change my start in point to the middle of Emerald Meadow.

Finally, I pressed enter game. Light surrounded me as I traveled through emptiness. Before I could do anything, I was suddenly standing in a huge clearing. All the plants were bright...emerald.

"Wow! This is awesome!" someone said, right beside me. Startled, I looked to my right, and saw another face. He seemed to notice my presence, and turned toward me. "Hi! My game name's Brav. I am just so excited to be playing as an Ettin. We're going to become really good body buddies soon."

I gave him a confused look. "Body...Budies?"

"Yeah," Brav continued. "I can feel we are going to make a great team."

"Team! Wow wow wow! I am kind of meeting someone on the game. I am going to be teaming up with them." I said.

"Uh...your going to find that kind of hard without me. We're kind of...stuck with each other." He rose one of his eyebrows, giving me a weird look.

"What do you mean were stuck with each other." I questioned him.

"We're an E-T-T-I-N! We kind of can't go anywhere without each other." He gawked at me.

"Whatever!" I say. I took a step forward, and then suddenly I was falling. I crashed into the dirt hard. What happened I thought. Thats when I realized something was off with my body. It felt like half of it was gone. I could only feel my left side. Before I could put anymore thought into it, my body was pushed over onto its back. Brav had apparently been the one to do that.

"Dude! What part of 'We're an Ettin' did you not understand!" Brav yelled.

My body was then being tugged up. I just moved with it, and I found myself in a sitting position. I gave my body a good look over. I had two feet, one chest, two arms, but I couldn't move the right side. I then looked over to my right, where Brav was. I finally put two and two together. Brav and I were sharing a body.

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