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2. Off to the temple

1. The Future of Gaming

Under the influence

on 2009-12-10 02:21:17

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Why should I make my avatar look like me? I mean, this was a whole new world, why not create a whole new me.

Yeah. The more about it, which granted wasn't too long, the more I realized I should do something drastic with my avatar.

But how to define drastic? Well, I was a rather ordinary looking 17 year old male; why not make my avatar a smoking hot 20-something female. That would be drastic enough.

I had never considered anything like this before, but as soon as I had the thought I latched onto it. I just knew the game would be fun only if I made my avatar a hot sexy woman.

With this conviction I got down to work. I won't bore you with the details, but it seemed as if an image burned itself into my mind and I went about making that image reality - or at least, my reality in Ether.

I'm not sure how long it took, but eventually I had myself a completed avatar. She, or I mean, I, was about 5' 5", athletic but with larger than average breasts, and curly raven hair that stretched just past my shoulders. My skin was smooth, hairless below the neck, and tanned to a nice bronze. I was wearign a few wisps of translucent silk over my breasts and sex, with small filigreed gold chains connecting the pieces. The default look on my face seemed to be a seductive smile.

All in all, I was a walking wet dream, and that just seemed so right.

So now that I had my avatar, it was time to enter the game. I willed up the original menu, ans sure enough, at the bottom of my avatar's characteristics it said

START IN: Epic City

I paused though, and wondered if there were any other places I could start. At the thought, more options appeared. Most were just more specific sections of Epic City, like Lancelot's Temple or the city square, but there was an option at the bottom of the list which read:


For some reason that sounded interesting, and I concentrated my thoughts on the option. Sure enough, a list of sub-options came up just like for Epic City. Right at the top of the list was:

Cult of Phallus Temple, Sodom

Perfect, I thought. That was where I needed to be in Ether. Suzie could wait, after all. It was so important that I go to the Cult of Phallus Temple in Sodom.

I choose that option. A warning came up, saying something about an unauthorized location or a possible hack or something unimportant like that but I ignored it and made my selection.

There was a moment of disorientation, and then I found myself in a courtyard, presumably just outside the temple. I didn't pay much attention to my surroundings at first, and I was more focused on examining my new body.

It was amazing! Everything was just like when I created the avatar, only better! I spun around giggling, knowing that in this body I'd have men, and women too, waling into walls staring at me, or doing whatever I asked just for the chance I might smile at them.

I looked around the courtyard, and was shocked to find it was full of women, all of whom looked exactly like me! They were all looking around as well, I guess they had just arrived too.

One girl standing to my right smiled at me "Hi, I'm Arthur. I'm here to serve Phallus." Another girl just behind her added "I'm Laura, I'm here to serve Phallus too!"

I returned their smiles. "Hi. I'm David, I'm here to serve Phallus". Until that moment I hadn't really thought about it, but it made sense. Why else would I be at Phallus' temple if it wasn't to serve him. Yeah, that felt right. It was good to have a purpose in life after all, and now I knew what mine was.

I couldn't have spent more than a few minutes in the courtyard before the doors to the temple opened. A male voice which seemed to be both everywhere and nowhere sounded out "Enter, slaves, and present yourselves to your god."

I eagerly joined dozens of my sisters in hastening to obey, anxious to begin serving Phallus in whatever way he wished.

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