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5. Mikey's Princess Wish: Comprom

4. John checks in

3. Watching movies

2. Mikey's princess wish

1. You Are What You Wish

Mikey's Princess Wish: Compromises

on 2023-12-19 19:15:25

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"Can we watch it in my room? I still have homework to do but I really want to hang out with you." Jon replied.

Mikey tilted his head in thought. "Okay." Pouting Mikey said, "I wish you didn't have homework."

"I do too, bud. Actually, that gives me an idea. Get your stuff together while I do something quick."

Jon strode with purpose down the hall to his bedroom. Mikey stood and lifted the mattress to see Jon's wishing stone still sitting there where he'd hidden it after making his 'Princess Wish'.

Grabbing the stone, Mikey frantically thought about what he could do. Should he give the stone back? Wish that Jon didn't remember it?

Mikey closed his eyes. "I wish..."

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