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7. Question part2

6. Question part1

5. next morning

4. Jon at the party

3. Costume Reality

2. Mixing it up on Halloween

1. You Are What You Wish

halloween mix

on 2023-11-23 13:31:21

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(Cop/Nurse) You know where she is?

(Jon) I think so?

(Cop) You don't sound too sure kid.

(Jon) She should be there.

(Cop) OK where is she?

Jon whispered.

(Jon) she's in me.

(Cop) Could you say that again and louder?

Jon blushes while looking around the room the other victims were too far or busy too hear him.

(Jon) She's in me.

(Cop) How did you eat her?

(Jon) No I didn't eat her her costume was cortammy from the ring world game.

(Nurse) I'm not familiar with games.

(Jon) Cortammy is an AI her body is a computer chip. No rod/shaft it's something like that.

(Cop/Nurse) how big?

(Jon) About five inches long and one and a half inches wide.

(Cop) So you used her as a dildo?

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