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23. Karyn's fate

22. Reality adjustments

21. Sarah uses the wishing stone

20. That night

19. At Jon's house

18. Shower time

17. Time for another dream

16. During the day

15. The next morning

14. Dreaming

13. Fucking heaven

12. Jon starts to loose himself

11. Sarah takes the pills

10. Explanations

9. Resisting

8. Host: Sarah McMillan

7. Regaining consciousness

6. Female reproductive system

5. Transformed into a body part

4. Everything Is Normal ... So Fa

Karyn's fate

on 2023-11-20 16:07:16

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Sarah's eyes gleamed with a sense of curiosity and mischief as she accessed the public list. The scrolling names revealed a diverse array of individuals, each with their own fate sealed by the Body Part Morphing and Support program. Her gaze lingered on a familiar name—Karyn, Jon's former crush.

"Look who we have here, Joan," Sarah taunted, her grin widening as she directed her attention toward Jon. "Karyn, your little friend. You had a crush on her, huh?" Her tone carried a mix of amusement and sly satisfaction. "Well, it seems that she had a fate similar to yours."

Sarah continued to browse through the details, her eyes narrowing as she focused on Karyn's entry. The information unfolded like a narrative, each line revealing a piece of the puzzle that had become Karyn's reality.

"Karyn Black, age 16, voluntarily enrolled," Sarah read aloud, her voice tinged with a sinister delight. "Chose to become a pair of lungs, offering the gift of breath to those in need." The description sent a shiver down Jon's spine, realizing that Karyn had willingly taken a path similar to his own.

As the details unfolded, Sarah's eyes widened, realizing the unique twist in Karyn's destiny. The host for Karyn's transformed lungs was specified as Mr. Harold Lawson, a gentleman in his late 70s, diagnosed with advanced stages of senile dementia. The gravity of the situation dawned on Sarah, recognizing the poignant contrast between Karyn's youthful vigor and the frailty of her elderly host.

Sarah couldn't resist adding a final jab. "Seems like Karyn's aspirations aligned with your own, Joan. A pair of lungs, quite poetic, don't you think?" Her taunt lingered in the air as she awaited Jon's reaction.

Jon, still grappling with his own fate, felt a twinge of remorse for Karyn. The connection between them, once a youthful crush, now bound them in an unexpected and bizarre parallel. The gravity of the situation began to weigh on him, the consequences of their actions extending far beyond their own individual choices.

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