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456. Fleeing

455. Scared Stiff

454. Red Flags

453. A Retreat

452. Countdown

451. Rescue

450. Rebellion

449. Highway

448. A Hitch

447. Ignition

446. Sonic Launch

445. PBJ Launch

444. Water Launch

443. PBJ Officers

442. Blockade

441. Total War

440. Turning

439. Funding

438. Visitation

437. Scarred

Running Away

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Feeling a bit queasy, I covered my mouth. Throwing up in the middle of the desert would simply not be helpful. 03 rolled his eyes. "Where was the human clan engineer that fought an AEP unit empowered with golden nanites to a draw? All I see is a regular human that I'd beat up for fun. This is pathetic, Brianne." he scolded. 01 sighed. I looked to him. "I guess that we win with no fight at all from you. That is the best outcome for a human like you, but it feels hollow after all of the build up to this point. We wanted to finally Conquer you." he said. "It's not like you can't throw those away and beat me in a fair fight. Just... get rid of them." I snapped. 01 sneered and said "Then what!? Let you use your special abilities to defeat us without fighting fair? No thank you." "Then you really haven't conquered me at all. You 2 are just relying on human tools." I said. That pissed them off. 01 pistol whipped me with the taser he was holding. The attack instantly stunned me. I hissed in pain. "I am tired of this. Let's cuff him and take him back with us." I got up and ran. I was terrified. 01 and 03 both chased right after me.

It did not matter where I was going to get to. As long as I was away from them and those scary drug-filled syringes, I was fine. It was not going to work for long. This was not a fair contest. They were both cyborgs. They had infinite stamina. I did not. When my legs gave out on me, they would catch me. 01 and 03 were already keeping pace with me. "Where are we going?" 03 asked me. I did not answer him. 01 swept my legs and I went sprawling in the hot sand. By the time they bent down to take me, some of the mechanical monsters had gotten close enough to attack. 01 and 03 had to deal with them. I used that as a cover for me to run all the way back. If I could get to my cab, I could drive off. Once I made it to my clan building, there would be nothing that they could do. I also had magic. More than enough time had passed to fill my mana bar. I summoned the Defender angel to watch my back as I continued running. 01 tried to sweep my legs out from under me again. He was intercepted by the tall angel. This made the angel visible to them. Both 01 and 03 went hostile to it. Even more time now.

Getting to the cab, I jumped inside. I quickly locked the doors as I caught my breath. My lungs felt like they were on fire. 01 and 03 were able to kill the angel. It as much too late. I began driving off. It was a straight away to the church. Once I got there, I ran inside. I was now safe from them. I told the clerics that I needed to go downstairs to the chapel. I was escorted there by one of Brett's children. Once we got down there, I smiled and dismissed the young priestess. She nodded her head and went back upstairs. I stayed there and idled around for about 3 days in-game. It was easy for me. When I came back up, I looked around. 01 and 03 were nowhere to be seen. The coast was clear, so I hurried off to my cab. I got in and drove all the way back to PBJ Clan. That was a wild ride. I guess that it was time to start working on a place to set up a new church. Luckily for me, the dessert was the border between the Cold and Lightning transmission hubs. I could make one here in Dwan Town or in Micropolis. It would help fulfill the mandate from the Church of the Sky. That would be really helpful to the cause.

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