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6. Becoming Triplets

5. Jon Becomes a Girl

4. Karyn is Different

3. What do you mean?!?!

2. The next day at school

1. You Are What You Wish

Becoming Triplets

on 2023-11-15 03:33:30

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FTF MTF Twin Unaware

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"Do you have any idea where you might have dropped it?" Karyn asked while anxiously running a hand through her long golden locks. That stone was powerful and dangerous; honestly they were lucky they hadn't accidentally changed themselves. If someone else found it, who knew what could happen. Hell, they could even actually turn Jennifer in a boy as weird as that was to think of.

Jen bit her lip, "I slipped in the hallway on my way to lunch, maybe it fell out there?" Jennifer wrung her hands a bit as she talked, fiddling with the simple beaded friendship bracelet she wore. Karyn wore a matching one on her left wrist. Karyn and Jennifer, Jen for short, had been best friends for years, and given their similar hair and figures, were somewhat regularly mistaken for sisters. Of course they weren't actually twins, with lots of obvious differences in their bodies, Jennifer was taller and Karyn had a bigger ass, and totally different faces. They were also stylistically similar but distinct, with Jennifer dressing a bit more bohemian and Karyn tending towards a sporty look, but neither of them were that out there. Today for instance Karyn wore a simple sky blue tank top, a pair of black shorts, white sneakers, simple earrings and her bracelet. Jen on the other hand had a long green ankle length skirt, a long sleeved flowy brown top, black ballet flats, her own bracelet and a simple silver moon pendant necklace.

"Well let's go look for it!" Karyn declared, grabbing Jennifer's hand and pulling her out towards the cafeteria door. The two scampered past the many students trying to find a table, and burst back out into the mostly empty hallways. Strictly speaking they weren't supposed to be wandering the school during their lunch period but finding the stone was worth risking detention.

Unfortunately, when they got to the spot Jennifer tripped, the wet floor sign was gone and there was no sign of the wishing stone. Even more unfortunately, it seemed they weren't the only ones skipping the cafeteria, as Sarah McMillan for once not flanked by her cronies. She was in her uniform and Karyn figured she'd just changed into it ahead of that afternoon's pep rally, happening after lunch.

"Well if it isn't Black and Gibson; surprised to see you two copycats skipping," Sarah sneered. She'd never gotten along with either girl, more than a little annoyed by the physical similarities between the three of them. It felt like she had two little knock-offs running around and, while Jennifer wasn't the worst, Karyn was actively annoying, constantly getting up in Sarah's business. Of course, while all three of them had blonde hair and generous breasts, Sarah worked to accentuate her looks in a way the other two didn't. Expensive conditioner made her hair more lustrous, and revealing clothes and strategic use of the push up bra made most people think she had bigger boobs, even though she knew all three were actually the same cup size. It was petty, but it mattered to the head cheerleader.

Karyn rolled her eyes, "you don't own having blonde hair or the hallway, McMillan." God, while she didn't mind people thinking she and Jennifer were related, she hated getting mistaken for the twin of someone as awful and shallow as Sarah. "What do you want anyway? We're busy here." Jennifer crossed her arm and nodded in agreement with her friend. They were trying to avert a catastrophe; they didn't have time to get caught up in McMillan nonsense.


"Hmph, Mother wanted me to remind you we need to be home in time to get ready for Daddy's banquet tonight," Sarah explained. "She doesn't want a repeat of last year."

"She forgot one time," Jennifer McMillan protested, "when are you going to let it go?" Last June, Karyn had been late to the sitting for the McMillan family portrait, and Sarah had never let her hear the end of it. It was just another example of her sisters' constant needling of each other that left Jennifer constantly playing peacemaker.

Sarah gave Jennifer a side eye, "when she stops being a brat about everything. You know she just does it to piss mom off."

Karyn McMillan blinked, feeling like something was off, but not being able to put her finger on it. The situation certainly wasn't unusual; she bickered with her sister all the time. The McMillan triplets might be physically identical but their personalities sharply diverged and often clashed. Shaking off her uneasy feeling, she rounded on Sarah to give her a piece of her mind-


"Oh I know, I'm so excited for tonight!" Karyn McMillan squealed, "my new dress is to die for!" She was walking to lunch with her sisters, having stopped so Sarah could change into her cheerleading outfit on the way.

"We know dummy," Jenni shot back fondly, "we were there when you bought it." Jenni loved clothes just as much as her sisters, as evidenced by the tight white miniskirt, v neck pink sweater over a white silk button up, dangling silver pearl drop earrings, and pink Louis Vuitton's she wore, but Karyn had been going on about this new dress all week.

Karyn stuck out her tongue playfully, "you're just jelly cause I got the last one in our size." Karyn was wearing a blue spaghetti strap crop top that showed off both her cleavage and her pierced bellybutton, along with a pair of pre-torn jeans, low heeled black ankle boots, an eclectic collection of rings, and ruby stud earrings. While the sisters sometimes dressed to match, they all had their own distinct senses of style, with Karyn being the most adventurous of the trio.

Sarah smirked, twirling a long strand of golden hair "like we're not totally going to steal it from your closet before long."

"Do it and you die," Karyn threatened before slipping into giggles that the other two shortly matched. The McMillan triplets were truly peas in a pod, all beautiful busty blondes with a love for fashion, and ruling the social scene of Lakeview High with manicured iron fists. Sarah was head cheerleader, Jenni was the student council president, and Karyn was the captain of the girl's volleyball team. The fact that their dad was the richest man in town also didn't hurt.

As the trio entered the cafeteria to hold court with the other popular kids, none of the three were aware of how quickly the world was changing, and, now that Jenni was no longer a Gibson, the latter two had no memory of the stone.

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