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18. The Next Morning

17. Dinnertime Conversation

16. Jon Meets His New Family

15. If Girls Acted Like Boys (and

14. Jon Gets Chastised By His Fath

13. Taking Jon home

12. The movie

11. to the theatre

10. Lunch with Karyn

9. regrouping with Karyn

8. Exploring the changes

7. Meeting up with Karyn

6. Jon checks out his reflection

5. Jon Tries To Reverse The Wish

4. Jon Tries To Fix The Wish

3. Go To The Arcade

2. Girls Act Like Boys

1. You Are What You Wish

If Girls Acted Like Boys (and Vice Versa): a New Day

on 2023-11-12 15:53:41

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“Jon, honey, are you awake?”

Jon stirred. He brushed several strands of long golden hair from his face–that would take some getting used to–and sat up.

“You’re going to be late for school, sweetie.” It was his dad calling from outside his room.

“I’ll be out in a minute,” he called out, trying not to sound too groggy.

He pulled himself out of bed. Despite falling asleep completely dressed, he had slept like a rock. I’d better wash up, he thought.

He peeked into the hallway to make sure his dad was gone–he didn’t want to be scolded for sleeping in his clothes–then made his way to the bathroom. There, he undressed and hopped in the shower.

The hot water felt good on his body. Jon was once again amazed by how smooth and soft his skin was. After a good rinse, he took a look at the shower’s shelf, which was full of various products. There was a bottle of shampoo with a graphic of a nude man from the chest up, long hair flowing to one side. He took this and squeezed a generous amount onto his hand, and rubbed it in. Lathering it into his now long hair was a new experience. He found a similar bottle of conditioner and did the same.

As much as he wanted to enjoy the shower all day, he knew he had to hurry up, so as not to miss the bus. He turned the water off and grabbed a towel from the rack to dry himself.

No sooner had he finished toweling off his head than he realized something: his hair was now a tangled mess. He grabbed a brush and tried to tame it, but he knew he didn’t have much time. This will have to do, he thought with a frown.

He was unsure of how he should wrap his towel around his body. He decided to wrap it around his chest, the way a girl would before the change. Better safe than sorry. He grabbed his dirty clothes and rushed to his bedroom.

Now to get dressed.

He turned to his closet. It was filled with shirts just like it used to be, only now the shirts were decidedly more “feminine”. He picked one out. It was a pastel yellow, with floral patterns embroidered along the openings. The neckline drooped considerably. Jon fingered the fabric. It was soft and smooth.

He set the blouse on his bed and explored the closet further. Behind the shirts, several dresses were hanging. He grabbed one. It seemed tight and form-fitting like the ones he was used to seeing, but this one was designed to fit a man. The chest was flat, but the dress pulled tight at the hips, with a cup for the crotch. He stood for just a moment in front of the mirror, dress held in front of him, imagining how sexy he would look in it. Karyn’s gonna have a heart attack when she sees this! It seemed a bit too formal for school, however, so he hung it back in the closet.

He turned to the dresser, where he kept his pants. The pants were still there, only they were all tighter, with a cup-shape to emphasize the genitals. He also found leggings and skirts, with similar cups. He pulled out a white skirt that he thought would pair well with the yellow blouse. Holding it against his legs, it fell about halfway down his calves.

He placed the skirt beside the blouse and pulled out some clean panties. As much as he wanted to take the pair he had just bought, he wasn’t about to endure a second scolding from his father. He pulled out a more modest pair and pulled it up. Alongside the panties were undertops like the ones he had seen on the employee at the clothing store. He slipped into one, which sat snugly on his chest.

A minute later, he stood fully dressed in front of the full-body mirror, admiring his new outfit. Now all he needed was some makeup and shoes to complete the look.

The shoes were easy to find. There was a stand in the corner, where eight pairs of shoes were neatly organized. He briefly considered a pair of white high-heel shoes, but decided against it. Instead, he picked a pair of designer sandals.

There didn’t seem to be any makeup in his room, so he returned to the bathroom. Lo and behold, one of the drawers was filled with various beauty products. The sight of them all was overwhelming. Where did he even start? If only I knew what I was doing…

Wait a minute.

He rushed to the bedroom and retrieved the wooden box still sitting on his desk. He pulled out the stone that had changed his life.

“I wish that I knew how to apply this makeup.” The stone glowed and he felt the now-familiar sensation of the wish taking effect.

He glanced at the mirror, and immediately got to work. First, primer. He found the proper container and applied some, giving it just enough time to dry. Next foundation… He worked quickly, applying concealer, eyeshadow, and eyeliner. He picked out a tube of lipstick that would contrast nicely with his skin. Then he finished with just a touch of blush. It wasn’t perfect, but it was the cutest he’d ever seen himself.

With just a few minutes to spare, he retrieved his school things. Thinking quickly, he grabbed the magic stone and stashed it in his backpack. He knew he may need it for whatever was ahead of him, but he didn’t want to carry around the wooden box like he had the day before.

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