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5. next morning

4. Jon at the party

3. Costume Reality

2. Mixing it up on Halloween

1. You Are What You Wish

halloween mix

on 2023-11-12 13:50:40

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(?????) Wakey wakey eggs and backey.

Jon started too wake up.

(???) Up and atom kid we don't have all day.

Jon was woken up by two women one a nurse the other a cop.

(Cop) Your name is Jon right?

(Jon) Yes my name is Jon. What happened why are the cop's here?

(Cop) What happened was some mad science wannabe used a bunch of kid's too test his mad science on. The cop's are here too look
fore clue's and find that bastard.

(Nurse) We're here to help the victims too adjust to there new bodies until there parents come for them.

Jon looked down at his body he was covered in a blanket he was also wet and sticky he had some pain in his groin was that it?

(Jon) What is wrong with my body?

(Nurse) Here I have a mirror you can use.

Jon took the mirror and looked at himself he looed the same it must be beneath the blanket. Removing the blanket Jon saw himself.
From the front he looked the same but from the side was completely different. Where his ass should be was Karen's torso her arms sticking
out just behind where his ass should have been. He saw her boobs her ass Jon saw Karen's groin it had some blood and her panties were
gone. Jon tried too move his right arm and Karen's right arm moved in sync with it. Jon could feel it he could feel the boob's shake he could
feel all of the body.

(Jon) What the hell!!

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