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3. A Mermaid


1. The Future of Gaming

A Mermaid

on 2011-06-06 03:43:19

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As the room materialized around me, I realized I was underwater. The walls seemed to be made out of luminous coral. In the corner was a bed that was also made out of coral, with some sort of water proof blanket on it. The was a small chest of drawers to one side and a mirror hanging on the wall. There was no proper door, just a curtain covering a circular hole in the wall. I swam over to mirror to check myself out.

A mermaid. Not bad as magical creatures go, but not my first pick. I checked my stats, but all I found out was that my name was Oceandia, I transformed into a normal girl when I exited the water and while in human form I had some control over water. I swam over to collect my ocean blade from my chest, the belt for which I secured around my waist. I then pushed aside the curtain to see the underwater Epic City.

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