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6. Karen went to Jon's room and f

5. Vamp

4. Jon's unwise costume choice.

3. Costume Reality

2. Mixing it up on Halloween

1. You Are What You Wish

Next Day ???

on 2023-11-08 16:39:08

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After the Vampire had sucked Jon's blood he had offered his own to her and since she was still mesmerized she willingly drank his blood.

At that point everything went fuzzy to Jon/Jessica and she barely remembered being lead out of the room with only the vampires clock around her. She vaguely remembered him saying "We will get you some better clothing when you have awaken anew."

Karen meanwhile had caught her robber and brought him back to the party only to find that Jon was nowhere to be found. All she found was her discarded dress before her attention was occupied by the events happening in the room.

The next thing Jon know was when she opened her eyes and found herself in a coffin still in the nude "what happened" she said as she looked around but when she seen her master she was lost in gaze as her kissed her.

When the kiss was broken the Vampire said "I don't know but I kind of like this" as he started to grope Jessica "The only thing I don't like is not being able to go out in the daylight."

Jon found herself say "But master what about our normal lives" as she continued to squeeze herself up to him.

The Vampire looked in Jon's eyes "Forget about that I think we should get you something to were before we find someone to get a drink from."

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