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4. Not to bad

3. A vampire


1. The Future of Gaming

Not to bad

on 2011-06-04 08:50:37

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I smiled to myself (which looked quite creepy with my new fangs). This was probably one of the best forms to start off with. The vampire ability made it so that my physical stats doubled in darkness. Of course, in sunlight all of my stats would go down to one and I would lose one health per second, but I will propably learn quickly to stay in the shadows. I also had the sun charm, which would get rid of the lose of health factor. The Vampire blade was also very helpful. That type of weapon is capable of cutting almost any creature, including another Vampire. I quickly downed the glass of blood and set it on my coffin. I then pulled out my sword and rapped the belt around my waist. I then picked up my map and tucked it into a pocket in my cloak. Ready now, I opened the door to my room and set out into the world.

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