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30. Dinner and Business, the Gang'

29. Dressed For The Evening

28. Shopping for Evening Wear

27. Dressed for the day

26. The Prodigal Husband(?) Return

25. Mark heads back, with new shoe

24. Meanwhile, Sally Has Urges

23. Safe at Last

22. Roberto's Play Takes a Detour

21. Fear and Lust Confuses Mark

20. Mark's Goals and Desires

19. Mark is Committed Now

18. Sally's Alone at the Club

17. Retrieve the Amulet

16. The Plan Begins. Sally Pimps a

15. Well Met

14. A Deal Mark Can't Refuse

13. The Cat's Out of The Bag

12. Mark's Stage Performance

11. Mark Sees the Club a Little Di

Dinner and Business, the Gang's All Here

on 2023-10-03 23:33:33

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Body_Swap FTM MTF

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This episode was originally posted by Xyzzy in 2013. I will remove if the original author requests its removal.

I waited as Sally got out of the limo on her side and ran around to my side to open the door for me. The thought that I should be the one opening the doors flitted briefly through my mind, but decked out as I was in a yellow hi-lo chiffon dress and four inch stilettos attached to my feet with bright red satin ribbons locking me permanently onto my toes, that thought passed in less than a moment. Turning in my seat, I stepped one leg out and down from the car, further exposing the thigh of my other leg to within a hair's breadth of my panties briefly before completing the rotation and accepting Sally's offered hand to help me out. Unlike the supposed help of getting in the car, her hand was truly helpful getting out of the car and up onto my heels. I knew exactly how much flash I'd provided and rather than feeling embarrassment, I was thrilled with the effect. Not only had Sally's eyes flicked down to watch, so too had those of the chauffeur, although he was careful to show no expression.

Taking Sally's large arm, we proceeded toward Malena's, or I guess that would be Roberto's, club when a minor disturbance drew my attention. Off to the side, a valet had a toy poodle on a short rhinestone leash. Strangely the tiny dog had a tiny little muzzle on it, apparently for good reason as it was throwing a fit lunging in our direction and growling little high pitched toy poodle growls.

"Nasty little dog. I'm glad it's muzzled," Mark squeaked gripping Sally's strong male arm a little tighter.

"Nasty, but puntable. If it gets loose it won't survive the extra point conversion," Sally laughed in her now confident deep male voice.

Oddly, Sally's remark about killing the dog with one kick seemed to further enrage the tiny ridiculously coiffed animal.

Sally announced us to the major-domo who promptly lead us through a series of rooms, some of which had hardwood floors that resulted in my heels loudly tic-tac tic-tac heralding my arrival and transit through the rooms. The high cut front of my dress displayed my legs to mid thigh, the low cut portion in back flowing airily. I knew my ass was wiggling below my bare back with every step as I strode one foot in line with the other. I could see in my mind's eye how I must look, and I liked it!

After a winding parade through many halls and rooms, the major-domo gestured to a final room and stepped to the side. Entering on Sally's arm, I immediately saw what was obviously a private dining room with a single occupied table and froze!

Roberto, or what appeared to be Roberto, stood.

In a panicky daze, I passively allowed Sally to escort me forward. It wasn't the presence of Roberto that shocked me, I'd already come to expect Malena in Robeto's body. What terrified me was Malena, that is Malena's body, primly sitting at the table as well.

"Sally, it's good to finally meet properly. I'm Malena, but after tonight I will only answer to Roberto, to match the body I now have. For this last evening, we can have a last little bit of girl-talk, yes?" Maleana winked and held out her large male hand towards Sally.

Sally grasped Malena's powerful handshake and returned it in kind.

"Ah, Mark my chiquita, I am pleased to see you again, particularly in so lovely a dress."

I swallowed nervously as I allowed Malena to lift my hand high to her lips and kiss it. Steeling myself, I asked the question I had to know but was afraid to hear. "Who ... is that ... is that," was all I could get out in a frightened half whisper.

"Is that Roberto? Oh no, that would have been much too dangerous. May I introduce Edwardo, Roberto's accountant. We have come to an understanding. He provides much needed financial information for control of Roberto's empire, in return he gets both greater freedom and an opportunity to live a long suppressed fantasy. Isn't that right Edwardo?"

In response to the introduction, the person who appeared to be Malena blushed beet red and silently looked down demurely. Definitely not the take-charge Malena who'd dressed me, undressed me, and chased me around stage naked before a crowd of hooting men.

"Please sit. We will dine and resolve everything this evening I think, yes?" the real Malena as Roberto declared.

Although I'd seated Sally many times during formal dining, I felt like an obvious imposter as the one being seated. Just when I thought that I was getting the hang of pretending to be a woman, it was little things like this that made me feel as if I was committing a social gaffe and everyone was looking. How could I allow my wife to seat me?

I wanted to scream, 'give me the medallion!' but ordering drinks and dinner came first. Finally, when I thought I couldn't take any more pretense, we got down to business.

"First," Malena declared. "I have a signed contract giving your firm primary marketing control, with the caveat that you Mark are the lead."

I reached to accept the offered manila envelope only to have Sally overreach me and take it in hand.

"Also, as a personal show of gratitude, I have deposited five million dollars in an off shore account under Sally's name to avoid any claims by your company."

This time, Malena reached past Mark's hand to mine with the small envelope. Just before I closed my fingers on it ...

"Oh, but you have nowhere to put this in that dress. I will let Sally hold this, yes?"

I wanted to scream! Malena was right, in this dress, I would have had to give it to Sally to hold anyway, but even though the result would have been the same, it was galling to have it done for me.

The arrival of dinner ended the business discussion. The contract was won, we were now financially very well off. I should be ecstatic, I should be celebrating. Instead I was slowly and daintily trying to transport little bites of dinner from my plate, to my mouth without dripping anything on the vast expanse of exposed boobage that forced me to sit too far back from the table.

"I realize that under normal circumstances, this would be inappropriate to ask," Malena began, "but considering the circumstances, I hope you will forgive a little impropriety. I cannot help but wonder if my little joke with the shoes had the expected effect on Mark? You see, I had many other new shoes I could have provided, but I particularly chose those as a little bonus shall we say."

"So you knew the shoes would make me shorter in addition to making my feet fit them?"

"Shorter?" Malena echoed in momentary confusion. "Oh, si ... err jes, but that was just incidental."

"It wasn't incidental to me. Do you see how small you made me?"

"Rest assured, everyone saw you enter Mark. You may be petite in stature but you are most definitely not small. You are a vision of loveliness." Watching Mark carefully, Malena saw that rather than embarrassment ,Mark suppressed a smile of delight at the compliment. Confident that she was right, Malena continued, "Yes I knew it would make you shorter, and truthfully I did find that to be a bit of immediate fun as well, but I've made an extensive study of the medallion. The medallion does more than simply physically fit you to the garments. Somehow it knows the meaning of the garments and fits that as well."

"That's crazy, garments don't have meaning."

"Most perhaps don't," Malena continued. "However certain garments have specific personality connotations. Switching bodies with you wife pushed you in the direction of her sex drive and desires, but certain pieces of new clothing come with their own non-physical effects as well. Those outrageous fuck-me shoes I used on you almost certainly jumped your libido. The medallion knows that those kinds of shoes are associated with sex, so I'm pretty sure you have been experiencing some new and confusing desires." Chuckling, Malena went on, "I'm sorry, but I just couldn't pass up the opportunity to have a little fun. It's almost a shame you're already so stacked up top. Using a bigger bra would really have jumped your libido. You could ..."

Malena was quick on the uptake. Mark's shocked doe eyes, and Sally's grin could only mean one thing. "Oh my, that's too precious! Sally was never that big up top was she? You got a double dose of female libido over and above what you received from Sally originally. Unless Sally was one cold fish to begin with, you my little Mark are almost certainly experiencing a whole lot of unlooked-for excitement and desire!"

"That ... I ...," Mark squeaked. Red faced, Mark primly said, "Excuse me. I have to ... to ..."

"Powder you nose?" Sally suggested with a smirk.

"I'll go with you," the heretofore silent Edwardo declared and stood.

Gathering his dignity as best as possible, Mark went in search of the ladies room, Edwardo following closely behind. The rest of the club saw two stacked women that were oh so different excuse themselves. The busty little blonde in the yellow hi-lo dress oozed sex as she strutted, wiggled, and bounced in a perfect orchestration of luscious femininity. Oddly, the brunette who was equally busty, slightly taller, and every bit as beautiful, clomped and marched like a guy in drag on a bet.

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