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21. Fear and Lust Confuses Mark

20. Mark's Goals and Desires

19. Mark is Committed Now

18. Sally's Alone at the Club

17. Retrieve the Amulet

16. The Plan Begins. Sally Pimps a

15. Well Met

14. A Deal Mark Can't Refuse

13. The Cat's Out of The Bag

12. Mark's Stage Performance

11. Mark Sees the Club a Little Di

10. Introduction to a Man's World

9. Caesar's Palace Las Vegas

8. Waiting for Baggage

7. Airport Security

6. Opportunity Knocks for Mark

5. Was it Good for You?

4. Nothing is the First Choice

3. So many Choices

2. Sally, a bored-out-of-her-mind

Fear and Lust Confuses Mark

on 2023-10-03 23:22:43

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Body_Swap FTM MTF

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This episode was originally posted by Xyzzy in 2012. I will remove if the original author requests its removal.

"Go clean up," Roberto snapped as he pushed the disheveled blonde away and pointed to the lavatory.

I stumbled backward on my heels, breasts wildly bouncing and jiggling without constraint. Seething with frustration, I'd been but a moment away from emasculating the bastard, I turned and teetered my way toward the indicated bath. Trying manfully not to show weakness, I resisted the urge to grasp and cover my breasts, letting them jiggle and bounce freely with every mincing step.

The bath was as luxurious as everything else in the suite, it was practically a suite within a suite all by itself, with a sink and vanity that was fully stocked right down to a selection of expensive perfumes. There were mirrors everywhere that allowed me to watch the over sexed variant of my hot wife in them as I nervously wriggled out of my dress. Removing the now exposed medallion from my thigh, I looked around and started hooking it inside the dress I'd just hung up but at the last second was nearly overwhelmed by panic at the thought of losing it. Determined not to let the medallion out of my possession, I put it around my neck, stripped off the rest of my clothing, if you can call garters and hose clothing, and stepped into the shower.

"Oh god that feels nice," Mark whispered to himself as he lathered the silky body wash slowly over his body, spending extra time squeezing his own tits in the process. Telling myself that I needed to rinse thoroughly, my arms compressing my huge tits into twin mountains that blocked my view lower, I slowly slid my small hands up the insides of my thighs. "God that felt good!" Despite everything, it was still a shock to the hind brain when my hand reached my crotch and found it empty. Reflexively trying to grip what wasn't there, my finger slipped into my new slit and jolted me with an indescribable mix of pleasure and need. Fingering wasn't like beating-off. Beating-off was a constantly rising focused crescendo. This was a wondrous torture that forever made promises but never delivered. "Dammit! Being a girl sucks!"

Clean and dry, albeit frustrated and scared now that the reality of my circumstances had reasserted themselves, I went to put on my dress and found ... nothing! No, not quite nothing, my five-inch fuck me stilettos were setting on the vanity next to a bottle of Shalini Parfums Shalini. The perfume and heels set out prominently on the vanity had a most confusing effect. I found myself simultaneously terrified and sexually aroused. It should be impossible to experience those two emotions at the same time. Scared, determined, and oddly excited, I carefully dabbed the tiniest hints of perfume behind my ears, under my breasts, and the very top of my inner thighs.

Strangely putting the heels back on made me feel better. Without them I felt really small. Despite the fact that all they did was lock me onto my toes, the extra five inches of height made me feel more in control. "Keep telling yourself that honey, because if this doesn't work you'll be wearing those heels and putting out for the rest of your life. Shut up bitch!" Quelling the voices in my head, I stepped out of the lavatory clad only in heels with my hands behind my back clutching the medallion.

Roberto smiled to see whom he still thought of as Sally properly perched on her heels, tits gently jiggling, hands demurely behind her back as she waited to be taken. Yes, this woman knew her place. "I think I may keep this one."

I froze at the sight of the naked man in front of me. "Five inches of heel, right! Did you forget already sweetie?" In the brief respite of privacy, I had somehow forgotten just how big Roberto was in comparison to my now diminutive form. On top of the sudden burst of fear at how vulnerable I was, there were disorienting and contradictory emotions of pride and lust as I watched Roberto's penis harden and rise. Pride at the effect I had on Roberto, and lust for the thing I no longer possessed but desperately wanted. "Focus girl!"

I gasped when Roberto suddenly and powerfully embraced me. Dazed, instead of immediately using the medallion, I tilted my face up to be kissed, delighting in the feelings of Roberto's tongue doing a slow tango with my own while Roberto's dick throbbed against my soft belly, my breasts deliciously smashed against Roberto's hard abs. Thinking of nothing more than wanting to feel Roberto even deeper, I reached as far around as I could and clutched Roberto even tighter. Lost in lust, I accidentally accomplished my primary goal when I pressed the medallion against Roberto's bare back.

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