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14. A Deal Mark Can't Refuse

13. The Cat's Out of The Bag

12. Mark's Stage Performance

11. Mark Sees the Club a Little Di

10. Introduction to a Man's World

9. Caesar's Palace Las Vegas

8. Waiting for Baggage

7. Airport Security

6. Opportunity Knocks for Mark

5. Was it Good for You?

4. Nothing is the First Choice

3. So many Choices

2. Sally, a bored-out-of-her-mind

1. Altered Fates

A Deal Mark Can't Refuse

on 2023-10-03 23:09:25

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Body_Swap FTM MTF

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This episode was originally posted by Xyzzy in 2011. I will remove if the original author requests its removal.

"That's crazy, I can't do that. No contract is worth it," Mark protested. "I think I'll just wait out the next nine hours or so, change back to my normal self and put this whole crazy screwed up escapade behind me."

"I hope ju like being poor. Roberto is a bad mix of wealth, power, and he is muy vindicativo. Ju will lose your job first, then he will destroy you. If ju do not help me, ju will have to give him what he wants. Maybe this is what you really want chica?"

"But your plan is crazy. Why so complicated? Why not just use a piece of clothing?"

"usted es estupido! It must be the blonde hair. Roberto will not wait 30 minutes for the change to complete. He will rip off the amulet, stopping the transformation. Ju think those tits will stop him then chica?"

"I don't really have a choice, do I?"

"Ju have other choices, but they are all worse."

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