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2. Body Transformation Power

1. You Are What You Wish

Boob Power

avatar on 2018-05-27 16:25:24
Episode last modified by LitFam on 2019-09-25 20:42:47

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Jon got home and wanted to further try out his new stone.
“I wish that no one other than me would be home for the next 24 hours, and no one will come to the door.”
The stone glowed and the wish was granted. Jon needed something to with the stone now. Jon had always had a thing for big boobs. He looked through the internet for hours on end to find pictures of women with the best boobs out there. Jon’s mom, and his sister Zoe had DD Cup boobs, and Jon had always been jealous. He had always wanted a pair of boobs. Then, Jon had a great idea.
“I wish I could change any part of my body by thinking of changing it, and I can always reverse the changes.” said Jon.
To see if it worked, Jon thought of there being a small freckle on his arm. Immediately, it appeared there.
“Nice!” Said Jon.
Then he thought of it going away, and it was gone.
“Time to get a bit more ambitious,” he thought.
He thought of having huge E Cup boobs. They appeared on his chest. He squeezed them and fondled them. He loved every part of them. He thought of them getting even bigger, and they did!
Satisfied with his boobs, Jon wanted to try a bit more. He changed his dick into a nice, tight pussy. He rubbed his pussy and squeezed his boobs. His vagina got a bit wet. Then Jon made his face feminine, and gave himself long blonde hair. He gave himself nice curvy legs, and a huge round ass. He was a woman!

“Wow” Jon said.
He made his ass a bit bigger, and then sat down, feeling it squish down.
I need to do a bit more, he thought.
Then, Jon had a great idea.

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