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2. Possible YAWYW inspiration? /

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Possible YAWYW inspiration? / An observation (ST)

on 2023-09-23 11:30:41

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I've noticed a few similarities between "You Are What You Wish" and a visual novel called "Student Transfer". Both star a typical, plain student (Jon / John) who's friends with a redhead girl (Karyn / Katrina) and acquires a magical artifact from one of his ancestors (a wish-granting stone from his grandpa / a spellbook that was written by his distant ancestor [this depends on the route you take]). He also has an introverted sister (Zoe / Holly) and has to deal with a bitchy, popular cheerleader at school (Sarah / Sayaka [bonus points for both having something pink: Sayaka has pink hair, while I've seen Sarah being described wearing pink on a few occasions]). As you've probably noticed, the names of the "main 3 from the original chapter" are also very similar to their ST counterparts (although I could write off Jon/John as a coincidence, as that's a pretty "boring" name).

Was "You Are What You Wish" at least slightly inspired by Student Transfer? Or are they just coincidences caused by both being created from the same common template of "plain, self-insert-y protag gets magic powers to spice up his life"? (this is not to devalue either of the stories; you can make great ones from even as simple and popular bases as these). There's also the fact that Fiction Branches is not a visual story, so I'm likely to think of familiar character images (in this case, from Student Transfer) while reading these stories to "complete the image", even if it doesn't make much sense.

So, was it a coincidence? An intentional inspiration? Or an unintentional one? Or am I just overthinking this?

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