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2. you should change the system

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you should change the system

on 2023-08-12 00:44:14
Episode last modified by lifesmainantagonist on 2023-08-12 00:46:02

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to avoid it allowing abuse with the upvote/rating system.

First it should show the usernames that have upvoted any given episode. The sort of thing you see with disqus comments or deviantart favorites, in some cases you get a dropdown list just by hovering a mouse cursor over it, though you wouldn't want that to be the only way because there is no cursor for smartphone devices. Or maybe it can just show the list on the page for the chapter directly, as long as it isn't a long list with one vertical column, maybe it could just be a comma delimited list so it doesn't shove everything far down for that first page with over 100 upvotes. But it should let you see WHO upvoted anything, it's important if for no other reason but to see if the creator directly upvoted their own content. I tried it myself, it absolutely lets you do this (naturally I un-upvoted it a few seconds later because I unlike some have integrity). It shouldn't just be a number, it should be a link to a LIST.

Secondly, if you CAN, it should show the IP address the user had at the time they upvoted it. Computers in the same household connected into the same WIFI network usually have substantially similar IP addresses as well so if it's not the same but close, that too would be telling. This isn't a surefire way, because the cheater could just borrow a different computer, maybe go to a library to use their computers, just to upvote their own content, but if they had several alt accounts then they would need to use a different computer on a different network for each one to keep it from looking suspicious, and even then it still would reveal that all the upvotes were coming from the same town unless they went so far as to travel around great distances.

Let's try to make the rating system actually reflect the assessment of the free marketplace of ideas as best as possible, don't you think? And if you were to implement this, and we could see when some jackass was upvoting all their own content and cheating like hell, and boycott their content at our discretion.

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