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2. Contact Chompy?

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Contact Chompy?

on 2023-06-30 21:06:12

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I don't see some link for contacting or private messages. Maybe I'm expected to join discord for that but I'm not inclined to do that. But anyway I had been adding to the story that was the last thing Chompy wrote in the "you are what you wish" section, it appears Chompy is active on this website but hasn't written in "you are what you wish" since the start of 2021. And honestly I just don't know if my additions are unwelcome. It's this great unfinished story but it appears that I should maybe let the actual author finish it and my additions are unwelcome, but if he's active on the website why hasn't he (I'm just gonna say he, I'd wager he's a he based on the writing) posted in the last 2 and a half years on the most popular part of it, maybe he doesn't care? Perhaps if he saw this message he might look at what I wrote and give his seal of approval, or say "nay" in which case I'd drop it. Like I don't know what you think of me reinvigorating the relationship between Sarah and Biff, maybe he really doesn't want it to go in that direction and what I wrote ruins his whole concept for the story, but then again, it's been inactive and unfinished for so long it smells of "fair game", but it also smells of "no one cares". Like just based on the views for my additions and how the numbers have increased with the passage of time, I don't think people are going back and reading the story up to that point. I don't know, does anyone out there care? It seems like no, but that's why I wanted to contact Chompy, because if there's one opinion I wanted of my additions, it's his.

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