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2. Stumble upon a chance for some

1. The Future of Gaming

Stumble upon something.

on 2007-09-12 06:20:46

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After plugging into the system, a character creation screen appears. I randomly began looking through the options, when a booming voice started talking in my head.

"Welcome to FOG." It said. "As you are new to the game, I will tell of what has passed. Devils, players that have hacked into the code of FOG, have started a war against us, the Gods, Admins of the system. Other players have joined the ranks of the Devils, and now their forces are threatening to shut down this world. We are offering you the chance to become our tool in the game world. Not to be too be corny, but you can become an Agent of the System, as in the movie The Matrix. Do you accept this offer?"

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