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2. Old world of Darkness sub-sett

1. The Future of Gaming

Old World of Darkness sub-setting

on 2007-01-28 16:22:49

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David noticed a submenu in the character selection screen which stated "Sub-setting selection screen". David selected it and was taken to another menu, which had a long detailed list of settings of various types. One setting caught his eye however, which was the Old World of Darkness setting. He had long been a fan of the setting and had been disappointed when it had been cancelled.

He remembered then an Internet article he had read on FOG, which stated that part of the delay was due to FOG's attempts to use the Role-Playing settings of other companies which were noted for their popularity. In the end FOG had been able to get permission to use some of the settings they wanted as sub-settings, this included the Old World of Darkness setting.

David excitedly selected the Old World of Darkness setting and was watched as the previous menu dissolved from sight only to be replaced shortly afterwards by another list.

1)Vampire: The Masquerade
2)Werewolf: The Apocalypse
3)Mage: The Ascension
4)Wraith: The Oblivion
5)Changeling: The Dreaming
6)Hunter: The Reckoning
7)Demon: The Fallen
8)Mummy: The Resurrection
9)Kindred of the East
11)Historical settings (E.g. Dark ages: Vampire)

David made his selection which was.....

(Author's note: Hi, this is my first of hopefully many posts here on this site. I have been reading these threads for some time, and have for many reasons none of which are brilliant reasons decided not to take part directly.

There are many sites available on the internet which tackle Old World of Darkness, Wikipedia is a good place to start and "" is a good reference site for "Vampire the Masquerade".)

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