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11. The wonderful world of Pokemon

10. A pokemon sub-world

9. She wants to visit the Travell

8. So, what do you think?

7. First Impressions?

6. Meeting Suzie

5. Maybe Later

4. Job Search

3. David, the beginner

2. Entering Ether

1. The Future of Gaming

The wonderful world of Pokemon

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The immediately found themselves somewhere else. They now found themselves in a white void, populated only by a single sign and two plain, white doors. "Well this is... Interesting."

"I wonder how far we could walk..." Wondered Suzie as she stared at the blank horizon surrounding them.

"Probably pretty far, but I doubt we could walk that far." I responded. I then shifted my attention to the doors and the sign between them. "Let's see what this sign says." I said, getting close enough to read the text "Beyond these doors lay the next step you must take before beginning your adventure. On the left, you will craft your own journey; while on the right, you will fill the shoes of another. Choose wisely as you will not be able to return here unless you wish to start a whole new journey." I stepped to the side, examining the door on the right. "What do you think Suzie? I'd say it's your turn to choose something."

"Well let's see..." She paused for a moment before raising her finger and pointing confidently at the door on the right. "Let's open this one!"

I opened the door and motioned for her to enter, jokingly acting like some sort of butler. She chuckled and waltzed right through the door, I soon turned to follow her through.

This area was extremely similar to the first, a white void that went on forever, what made this area different was a large array of hologram projectors that were displaying what seemed like every character to appear in every form of Pokémon media, games, shows, you name it they were here. "Man, the game has only been out for few days, how does a user-made mod have this much content?" I asked aloud, to no one in particular.

Suzie walked up and put her hand on his shoulder. "David my boy, some people just have no life." she removed her hand and went to examine the characters displayed in front of them. She observed the character closest to them, which was a standard female Team Rocket grunt from the first games. As she approached the hologram, a window popped up in front of it. "Ooh! what's this?" She said, as she got a closer look at the window.

I walked up to another character so I could see the popup for myself. I walked up to the nearest one near me, which happened to be Jessie from the TV Show. Just as it did with Suzie a holographic pop-up appeared when I was close to the character it showed a number of things, most notably the instructions on how to proceed. Apparently we could slightly adjust different variables on the window, most notably the timeframe in which the character appeared on the show or something. Once we were done with that we were supposed to touch the hologram of the character we wanted to play as and supposedly we would be thrown into the main game from there. One last thing that stood out was a note attached to the instructions, it wasn't listed as a warning but came off as one.

"Huh, so I guess we'll have to be careful as to who we pick..." I said as I stood there thinking about which character from one of my favorite game series to live as for the next few hours.

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