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9. She wants to visit the Travell

8. So, what do you think?

7. First Impressions?

6. Meeting Suzie

5. Maybe Later

4. Job Search

3. David, the beginner

2. Entering Ether

1. The Future of Gaming

A trip to the Traveller's Guild

avatar on 2018-02-12 21:26:13

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"Alright, I think I know what exactly I want to do first!" Suzie said, her voice oozing with excitement.

"And what may that be?" I said, curious as to what has her this hyped up.

"I want to go visit the Traveler's Guild!"

"Alright then, sounds like a plan." I had heard about the Traveler's Guild when reading up on the game. It's not only the home of unique sub-worlds created by the developers, here are certain tools that allow players to create their own sub-worlds which can be downloaded and played as single-player or co-op experiences.

As we began walking towards what I assumed to be the direction of the Traveler's Guild Suzie began to talk excitedly about the possibilities within these sub-worlds. "Ya' know, despite the fact that the Ether has only been out for a day or so, there already hundreds of available sub-worlds! Well, some where created by the devs of course, but the majority are player-made!" She paused for a moment, but before she could continue her excided rant I jutted in.

"Man, you're getting me hyped just from you talking about it!" I looked down at her and grinned, then continued talking. "By the way, how far is it? Are we almost there?"

"Just around this corner!" She said, as we turned the corner, she did a pose like she had just pulled the building out of a hat. The Guild itself was relatively unassuming, it looked like all the other buildings on the street. The only thing that really made it stand out were the banners hanging from the second story, advertising it's function to whoever was walking by. "Shall we enter?" She said, as she motioned in the direction of the door.

"It would be silly if we didn't." I said to her, as we started to walk towards the entrance.

As we opened the door, we both gasped. The interior of the building was much larger than the average-sized exterior. I know that it's a video game and all, but it was really quite big inside. The large chamber was mostly open, with a stone tiled floor covering the vast majority of the space. In the center of the chamber was a large holographic display showcasing the most popular sub-worlds, while all along the left and right sides were smaller terminals with numerous players using them. On the far side of the room their were some people, likely NPCs considering they all looked exactly alike, at what looked like help desks.

"So I guess we go take a look at one of these terminals?" I assumed, glancing over at Suzie for confirmation.

"Yup!" She replied, nodding her head. "Come on! I see an open terminal over here!" She rushed off in the direction of the open terminal, I quickly followed her.

When I got to the terminal, Suzie was already browsing the list of sub-worlds. When she noticed me over her shoulder she stepped aside. "Since it's your first day, you can be the one to pick which one we go to!" She briefly explained the basics of the terminal interface, which seemed to be a standard shop setup, minus the buying. "There's also one last thing, you see that these worlds have various tags?"

"Yeah, what about them?"

"They mark not just general aspects of the world like genres and stuff, but also the rules of the world."

"Rules?" I asked

"Yeah, for instance If one the tags is Role-Playing, that world forces you to conform to it's places and people. Although I've never tried it out, this is still my first time doing this stuff, I've just done more research than you."

"Right, I think I get it." I said, as I began to browse the sub-worlds for one that sounded fun.

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