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3. The Hallway of Infinite Doorwa

2. A Horrible Mistake...(Reboot)

1. You Are What You Wish

The Hallway of Infinite Doorways

on 2018-02-07 11:04:31

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Worried that something awful might have happened, Jon left his bedroom. And that was when he realized what his wish did.

Instead of walking out into his upstairs hallway, he walked out into a never-ending corridor, stretching out to what seemed like eternity in both directions. Everything (the floor, walls, and ceiling) was unmistakably white, except for the infinite number of doors along each wall. Each door looked different in one way or another. Most were wood, but some were metal, or something else.

Slowly creeping out into the strange hallway, the door to his bedroom shut behind him. Fearing that he might have been trapped here, he spun around and quickly opened the door again only to find ... his bedroom. Okay, he wasn't locked out and he could apparently return to his room whenever he wanted, provided that he could remember what his bedroom door looked like. There was nothing on it, or on the wall next to it, to identify it as his. But then he remembered that he had a marker in his pocket. He took it out and considered writing on the door itself, but then reconsidered that. Instead, he wrote on the white wall next to it: MY ROOM. He figured that since he was the only one here, he didn't need to specify his name.

Satisfied that he would be able to return to his room, Jon turned and walked down the hallway, looking at each door as he went. After walking for a few minutes, he stopped. He had to know what was on the other side of one of these doors. So he picked one at random and opened it.

After opening the door, Jon found himself walking into a teenage girl's bedroom. He closed the door behind him and looked around the room a little, and that was when suddenly ...

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