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2. Character index

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Character index

on 2018-02-02 23:21:58

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Just an idea, but would it be worth having a ‘character index’ for YAWYW? By that I mean some sort of reference database of commonly used characters in it.

Now obviously there’s not going to be a 100% consensus across all branches or even between contributors, but in the broad strokes I think there’s enough similarities to build a reference database so that people can refer to for ideas for characters to introduce into new branches.

For example, when Jon has a sister Zoe, until wishes kick in she’s almost always a year or two younger than Jon and a Goth and almost always has a best friend called Athena.

The nature of this site and how branches work could be an advantage in ease of building this; eg the main branch is ‘character index’ and then that branches off into ‘Jon’, ‘Karyn’, ‘Sarah’, etc and then each of those branches off as needed.

What do people think? Is this idea viable? And would it be useful?

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