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5. Gym Class

4. Jon's new underwear

3. Everything Appears Normal

2. A Horrible Mistake...(Reboot)

1. You Are What You Wish

Ch 2 - Gym Class (Obviously)

avatar on 2018-02-02 22:45:58
Episode last modified by Kanati on 2018-02-03 15:05:01

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It Was just a short walk to school but Jon had already began to regret not going commando, the panties rode high on his hips, and any time his shirt lifted up they'd be visible under his jeans.

"Why'd I pick the Pink ones, there were dozens of pairs, I was just holding these already, I didn't even think to get a safer pair." he mentally kicked himself and vowed to figure out what was going on when he got back home.

Jon met up with Karyn who obviously was curious if he'd used the stone, too embarrassed to explain the stupid wish he made, he claimed not to have used it, and left it at home for safe keeping.

Not long after the first bell rung and they parted, Jon had Gym class first.

"Great, but i guess it's better to just get it out of the way"

Jon went into the locker room and as the other guys in his class began to change Jon subtly made his way to the bathroom stalls with his gym clothes, and changed in privacy.

Exiting the stall it seemed like nobody had noticed. but he'd have to be careful, the plain navy blue Gym shorts were stretchy and could easily slide down, or if his shirt lifted an inch or two the hem of his panties would be obvious to anyone around.

Jon planned to just take it easy today, if he got yelled at by the Gym teacher he'd just have to let it happen today, as he calmly walked into the gym.

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