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2. Boys Love (Jon that is...)

1. You Are What You Wish

Jon’s Yaoi Harem

on 2018-02-02 21:51:28

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I left Karyn and headed home in thought, racking my brains for ways to help her, but coming up short. I could wish that the breasts were fake and the hair was a wig, but that’s probably backfire and make her flat chested and bald; I could wish for a device that’d let her swap body parts with other people, but that would just be shifting the problem to someone else; I could wish her into being a guy, but I seriously doubted she’d want that, even if it didn’t backfire and make her a guy with breasts; other ideas came and went, but none were satisfactory. I was so lost in thought that I walked past my house and was halfway to the other end of the street before I realised! Sighing I doubled back and decided to try putting it out of my mind for a bit and see if anything just sprung to mind naturally.

When I got home, no one was there; Zoe was probably out with her friends, dad was probably at work and as I closed the door I remembered mom had had to take Mikey for a doctor’s appointment. All of which suited me actually, I reflected, spying an Amazon package sitting on the kitchen table with the rest of the mail. I grinned and grabbed it and rushed upstairs, knowing it was the latest volume of my favourite manga. Tossing my backpack into one corner of my room, I jumped onto my bed, kicking my shoes off and tearing off the packaging.

The manga in question was somewhat of a guilty pleasure of mine; although I prefered girls, that didn’t mean I only liked girls, and the manga let me explore that side of my sexuality as I wasn’t out except to Karyn, Zoe and a handful of other friends. It was a high school drama/comedy themed series set in a world where people were split into two groups, humans (pretty much real life people) and kemonomimi (people with the ears and tails of various animals). In it the protagonist descovers that he’s not a human but a ‘kemoman’, a hybrid of both who due to the pheromones his body produces is alluring to kemonomimi guys; to keep his scholarship to the prestigious private school he attends, he’s made to transfer to the kemonomimi campus by the principal under the guise of fostering better relations between humans and kemonomimi but with the secret mission to use his natural kemoman abilities to help deal with some of the problem students there. Of course that just means he ends up the target of their affections and the series mostly dealt with the ensuing hijinks.

Settling into a comfortable position, I took the box containing the stone out of my pocket and tossed it onto my bedside table and cracked open the new book. As I read, I slipped one hand into my pants, massaging my growing errection. Halfway through I sighed and flung the arm I held the manga with out to the side, a wide grin on my face.

“God’s that’s sexy,” I sighed “I wish my life was like that of Yukio, with my own yaoi harem.” I froze as I felt a warm sensation in my wrist, and with a gulp I looked over to see when I’d tossed the box onto my bedside table the lid had been knocked open, and when I’d flung my arm out just now I’d laid it across the exposed stone. I swallowed, realising that my life was just about to get a lot more interesting..,

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