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2. Be Who You Want To Be

1. You Are What You Wish

Be Who You Want to Be

on 2023-04-19 00:41:25

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That evening Jon laid back turning the rock over and over in his hands as he thought about what to do with the awesome power that had landed in his lap. The little stone in his hand was like raw condensed possibility, a thousand paths stretching out before him. He could change his life any way he wished, literally rule the world if he wanted to. The life of Jon Gibson suddenly had the potential to be far more spectacular than the dully average path that had laid before him prior to receiving the stone. However, truth be told, what he really wanted didn't have anything to do with the life of Jon Gibson at all.

See, Jon had a secret desire, one he'd kept closely guarded; there was someone else he wanted to be, another life he wanted for himself. Of course such a thing had been impossible, until this moment. Jon's grip tightened on the stone as his resolve grew. This was the key, the path to the life he'd always felt drawn to lead. Determination glinting in his eyes, he sat up and began to think through the necessary preparations. Tonight would be the last one he spent as Jon, tomorrow he'd become who he was always meant to be.

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