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2. Mikey joins the (girl) scouts

1. You Are What You Wish

Mikey joins the (girl) scouts

on 2017-06-22 00:11:14

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Jon came home to find his little brother Mikey and his mother. Mikey had recently joined the boy scouts and had been annoying the whole family about how excited he was for his first camping trip with his troop that weekend. He rarely took his uniform off, he was so excited. Apparently, mom had finally gotten tired of him yelling and running around, so she was now lecturing him that if he didn't settle down, she wouldn't let him go on his trip, or the scout meeting tonight. Mikey started to get mad, but his mother continued, complaining about how she didn't trust a bunch of boys running around the woods, playing with fire and knives.

Then Jon got an idea. He took the stone out his pocket and said, "I wish mom had signed Mikey up for the girl scouts instead of the boy scouts."

There was a flash, and suddenly Mikey was no longer wearing a boy scout uniform, but a girl scout one. He had on a green skirt, green knee socks, a white blouse, a green sash, and a little green cap. Jon laughed, he could tell Mikey was trying his best to act like a normal boy, but was having trouble in such clothing.

"Now, stop fussing, Mikey." scolded his mother. "You wanted to join the scouts so I signed you up."

"I meant the BOY scouts!" Mikey shouted. "I'm a boy!"

"Mikey, I was in the girl scouts, and it was best part of my childhood. I'm still friends with some of the ladies from my old troop. I would love for you to have such a wonderful experience."

"But you were a GIRL!" Mikey shouted again.

"Yes, but I feel the girl scouts would just be better for you. Now, Krista from your class, her mother will be here any minute to take you to your first meeting."

Jon could tell Mikey was fighting back tears, but wanted to appear tough, he was a BOY, he would show them that he didn't belong in a group with a bunch of girly girls. He was about to open his mouth and say something, when the doorbell rang. Mikey could see Krista, wearing the same outfit, in the door window, smiling and waving.

"Run along, Mikey." ordered his mother. "Don't worry, I'm sure you'll meet plenty of new friends and have a great time!"

Defeated, Mikey headed out the door.

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