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2. Way Home

1. You Are What You Wish

Way Home

avatar on 2017-06-19 16:38:38

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Jon started making his way home, but turning the corner of the schoolyard, he saw Sarah at the next street corner, with her friends, flirting with the jocks.

"Ugh, its that bitch Sarah" Jon muttered to himself, "I should teach her a lesson".

Jon grabbed the stone from his pocket, and prepared to make a wish.

"I wish..." he started, "that Sarah had someone's male genitals for the next month and everyone would be able to notice the effects of this wish on her.", accidentally saying someone's instead of some.

Jon felt a slight twitch of his eye, then looking back towards Sarah, he saw a slight bulge in the front of her skirt. "Success, probably could have worded that wish a little better, but still a success." Jon smiled, crossing the road & making his way home.

Meanwhile with Sarah, she felt a slight tightening of her panties, she glanced down & saw the bulge.
"OH MY GOD!" she shouted.

One of the jocks, her boyfriend, turned to her "What's up babe?"

"I, uh, just remembered I've like, gotta be home like, right now." she stuttered, running off down the road, heels clacking on the street.

Her new equipment rubbing against her tight clothes was causing her some discomfort, and making her new member become quite excited, which was making it difficult to run. Luckily her house wasn't too much further away.

Reaching home without incident, Sarah kicked her designer heels off and ran upstairs to her bedroom, bolting the door closed.

Positioning herself in front of her full length mirror, she slid her skirt to her ankles.
There, staring back at her in the mirror, was a beautiful young woman, long blonde hair, slender and curvaceous, but with one unusual detail. A masculine bulge in the front of her panties.

"Oh god, this can't be happening..." she muttered.

Reluctantly, she groped a hand on her bulge, the sensation was unusual, but this was definitely real.

Sliding down her panties, the male equipment on her crotch flopped out. Sarah quickly put her hands over her mouth, muffling a scream.

The sight of her member made it perk to attention, seems she was slightly aroused by it. But she was overcome with shock, and collapsed to the floor.

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