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2. Costume Party

1. You Are What You Wish

Costume Party

avatar on 2017-06-19 14:56:16

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Later that evening, Jon was sitting in his room reading a book when he suddenly remembered, Sarah's annual costume party was tomorrow.
It was the only time of the year she was nice to everyone, there was no way Jon was going to miss it, but he hadn't bought a costume yet.

Rushing over to his computer, he loaded up a video chat with Karyn.
"Hey Karyn" said Jon, "Guess what we've forgotten about"
"I dunno Jon, Some big homework assignment?" replied Karyn, no idea what it could be.
"No, silly, the costume party. Its tomorrow."
"Oh crap!" shouted Karyn, "We haven't got any costumes yet!"

"I know", said Jon, "And I've got a fun game we can play this year before we get any."
"Oh? and what would that be?" questioned Karyn, with interest.

"It's a sorta game" replied Jon, "I flip a coin, if it lands Heads, we pick our own costumes."
Karyn butted in "and tails, we pick for each other?"
"Yeah. Simple right." smiled Jon, picking up a silver coin and holding it up to the webcam.

"You better not lie about the result" said Karyn
"why would I? its my game" replied Jon, flipping the coin into the air.

ding ding clonk, the coin landed on the desk, and the side facing up was...

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