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2. And then Jon was a girl/Karyn

1. You Are What You Wish

And then Jon was a girl/Karyn was a furry sexbeast!

on 2017-06-15 03:22:35

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Jon didn't have a good solution in mind for helping Karyn. So he called her and asked if she hated the changes as they were. It seemed to Jon that they were positive changes, after all. The breasts were bigger, but not monumental. And her hair looked nice.

"I don't hate them, but I don't like them. I'd much rather they be undone."

"What about them do you hate?"

"Different things. The hair is just, so dumb blonde. The breasts are stifling. It's like lugging around a backpack on my front that I can never put down."

"I think you look nice this way."

"What if I thought you would look nice with a mohawk? That would be my crazy standards, that's no reason for you to change to conform to my ridiculous preferences."

"What if I wished for you to have greater upper body strength, so they felt like nothing."

"That would probably be better, but they would be in the way. Come on Jon, don't be such an idiot and stop trying to talk me into accepting it."

"Don't call me an idiot, you bitch! You did this to yourself!"

"Fuck you, Jon!"

"Oh, fuck me? I wish..."

"Oh god no please don't!" Karyn screamed.

"Funny how your tone changes when you realize I have power, your attitude goes away in an instant. Also I'm not holding the stone so you have nothing to worry about."

"You could easily pick it up, I'll bet inside of 10 seconds if you wanted to."


"Jon, what the hell, I thought we were friends, I can't believe you would make a threat like that, even if you were mad at me. Do you have any idea how terrified I am right now."


"Hmm? Just hmm? Not 'I'm sorry'? Jon do you value me so little?"

"All right, I'm sorry. And you're right, I shouldn't use something so dangerous as a threat. But you calling me an idiot out of the blue was out of line."

"Can I trust you that you aren't going to do anything to me? Can you promise me? If you don't give me your word, I will not get a wink of sleep, even if you don't intend to do anything."

"All right, I promise, I won't wish anything hurtful on you."

"Jon... just anything hurtful? You're planning on doing something? Something that you think would be a positive change, like the big breasts, but which I would disagree on?"

"I was thinking of a harmless prank. Karyn, I'm not going to hurt you. Lighten up, I'm sorry for scaring you. Come on Karyn, the last thing I want is for you to be seriously afraid of me or afraid of me hurting you. Nothing serious, nothing permanent. Nothing that you would even hate."

"Oh, I might hate something that you think is just funny. Promise you won't do anything to me at all, or our friendship is over."

"Oh come on, I think you would like it. What if I told you what it is first, and you didn't mind?"

"All right. Since you already have something in mind, let me hear it. Tell me what it is."

"Darnit, it would be so much more fun if it was a surprise."

"Damnit Jon!"

"I promise it's something you'll like, and it won't ruin your life, but most of the fun of it is if you don't know what to expect and you discover what it is accidentally. Come on Karyn, trust me. You know I wouldn't really hurt you."

"I want to trust you Jon, but I'm still terrified."

"Oh come on Karyn, don't be that way. You're my girl. I don't want to lose you as a friend, you have to know I wouldn't do anything awful to you. Come on, it's exciting, and I honestly think you'll enjoy it, trust me."

"Stop saying 'come on', Jon. It's getting annoying. You're so whiny, geez. All right. Fine. You win. Is it something that will be obvious?"

"No. Well, no, not at first. But you'll eventually figure it out. I think. It could be that nothing will even happen."

"It could be? Don't you know what you'll be doing?"

"the could be is something that depends on your actions. But in any case it's not hurtful, I just want to try it, and I genuinely think you will like it, if it happens at all."

"All right. It will be something temporary though, right?"

"Yes. I'll tell you how long it will last, in fact. One day."

"And no one else will notice?"

"That depends on you. But you should be able to hide it. I will tell you I will specifically wish for no one to remember the changes as if you had always been that way, and that includes you. So it won't warp reality to be as if you had always been that way. So you will notice the change and not remember yourself always being that way, it will be up to you to hide it, if it even needs to be hidden."

"All right, I'm too curious now, do it, whatever it is."

"Wow, thanks Karyn."

"You're welcome, I guess. You're going to have to let me do the same thing, or something similar, to you tomorrow though. Deal?"


"So you're going to wish for it in the next five minutes, after we hang up?"

"Yes. Good night, Karyn."

"Good night Jon. I hope."

They hung up.

Karyn paced for 5 minutes and then went into her bathroom. She looked in the mirror. She looked the same. She stripped naked. She looked the same.

She called Jon back. "Did you do it?"




"I don't notice anything is different."

"Trust me, it's something."

"Is it something incredibly subtle?"

"Not exactly."

"Damn it Jon, did you mess with my memory after all, so that I think I have always been this way?"

"Absolutely not. You absolutely can trust your memory."

"Well I'm stumped," Karyn said. "You're sure it's not life ruining, right? And it only lasts a day?"

"Absolutely. It's nothing but fun, and without any heavy consequences, and it will only last for a day."

"All right. Well, it's a mystery all right. Will I even notice it?"

"Actually, quite possibly you won't."

"Now I'm thinking what you did was too boring."

"It's not boring. And if you discover what it is, I think you will actually like it, a lot."

"All right. At least that puts my mind at ease. Good night."

"Good night."

Karyn woke up the next morning with a thin beam of sunlight squeezing between the edge of her curtains and the edge of the window stabbing her in the eyes. She stretched her arms, sat up, got out of bed and walked to her dresser, her tail swinging low.

"What the hell?" she said, not quite loud enough for her parents to hear, looking at it. It was the tail of, one of those big cats, the one with spots. A leopard. Or a jaguar. She waved it around. It was fun to have it, and to be fair, it was really cute, in Karyn's opinion. She went to the mirror and stripped naked again and looked herself over. That was all that seemed to be different. "Well that's weird. This definitely wasn't here when I went to bed. But that was after Jon made the wish. Delayed reaction?"

Well she shrugged it off. Obviously she had nothing to worry about, this wasn't bad at all. Most of Jon's words made sense now. Why would he think there was a chance she wouldn't discover this though? It was quite large. While she was standing upright, it reached the ground plus almost a foot past that, so it was almost long enough to potentially trip over if she wasn't careful.

She got in the shower and started the water. She was enjoying the addition. She tried to grab the soap with it. It wasn't quite coordinated enough, she couldn't get a grip on it. Man, this was so wild. Her faith in Jon was completely restored, though. This was harmless fun just like he said. It would be gone in a day and she might want to keep it anyway. She had some baggy sweatpants she could wear so it wouldn't be hard to hide either.

Halfway through the shower, she was just too curious and excited by the possibilities for her tail. And she inevitably tried something with it that she absolutely had to try, at least once. She was a healthy girl, after all. The mere notion of doing it hands-free was already a turn-on that made it easier, so it didn't take very long. After the day was over, when it was gone, she might decide to wish it back, for good. What was the downside? Pretty much none. Well, it might be hard to hide. She didn't want to be wearing baggy sweatpants forever. Yeah, scratch that plan.

She got out of the shower and of course the mirror was fogged over as usual, though it occurred to her that something felt weird about her wet hair. It wasn't until she had blowdried her hair most of the way that she could clearly see herself in the mirror. And got a second surprise.

"Wha? Ears too!?" She now had big cat ears on top of her head. She twitched them. Her old ears were gone from the sides of her head.

"What the hell, they weren't here a few minutes ago. Wait a minute. OH!" She just realized something. In the middle of the night, she had woken up, and had... done it in bed. Just now, she had done it in the shower. She suddenly realized that she had changed, every time she had an orgasm. "That's why Jon said that maybe I would never notice anything. If I had gone the day without doing that, nothing would have happened."

Well, the ears weren't bad either. She quickly discovered that she wouldn't even need a hat to hide them. They were so mobile, she could just flatten them against her head and hide them in her hair, the same motion a cat would normally do when scared. Though it took continual conscious effort to hold them in that position. Well, it was only a day, and she would manage.

She left for school, wearing her baggy pants. She met Jon.

"So......" he said. "Notice anything?"

She was going to have a little fun. "I think I'm a little taller! Is that what you did?" He was crestfallen.

"No, no, I didn't wish you were taller," he said, downcast. Of course, girls probably don't do that, or almost never do it, he thought to himself. "You probably were just a little taller than you thought you were, or were looking to confirm a hunch and convinced yourself that it was true. That's what is known as confirmation bias."

"Are you sure?" she said teasingly. "I'm pretty sure I'm a little taller. Of course, it depends on whether you're measuring to the top of my head," and then she made her ears pop up, "or the tips of my ears!"

He was suddenly smiling. "Karyn, you..."

"You naughty guy. I'll bet the whole point of it was just to be an indicator, to know if I had done you know what."

"Well..." he admitted. "If I can't express my natural curiosity about girls on such matters toward you, then who? In fact the ears are the thing you get the second time, so that means you did it more than once... I mean, I hope you're not too creeped out and that isn't too much of an invasion of privacy."

"No, it's not too bad. It's just a cute little prank that's fun for us both and no one gets hurt, just like you were going for. But if you're curious about what I do in private, does that mean you're hoping to be more than friends?"

"Wow, really? Would you be willing to consider it?"

"Maaaaaaybe. But I have a few preferences of my own. Does anything come after the ears?"

"Oh yes. There are 5 things in total. I didn't wish for more than that, because, I mean, 5 in one day, well I don't know how it is for girls, but for a guy, that's kind of really pushing it."

She laughed lightly at that. "So what are the other 3?"

"Do you want me to spoil the surprise?"

"Oh very well. Don't spoil it for me. I'm just worried the next one wouldn't be something I can hide, so I wouldn't want to do it before going home for the day. But then, that doesn't give me much time to do it 3 times before 24 hours are up. Is it exactly 24 hours?"

"Yes, 24 hours, from 8:26 pm last night. And to be fair, I think you probably could hide the next one."

"Oh, so I won't end up covered in fur?"

"Not on the third one."

"He he. All right, no more spoilers."

"Sorry. I didn't know whether to say yes or no. You will 'end up' covered in fur, just not on the third one."

"It's all right. I still don't know whether that's on 4 or 5."

She was excited to experience the third one. Why not, it was all in good fun. This was a fun game they were playing. Karyn would get her turn with Jon tonight though, oh yes, Jon would get a taste too. But for now, at her lunch break, she headed to the bathroom. She was as quiet as she could. It wasn't easy, with someone obviously in there the whole time, farting, farting, stinking up the whole bathroom. But she wasn't caught. That other person obviously had problems of her own to worry about instead.

"Ahh, of course. Jon, you perv, it had to be that," she said, looking at her 3 pairs of breasts. "Why would you say you thought I could hide this!" Fortunately, she had her backpack, and it was large enough. She left the bathroom, carrying it in front of her abdomen. It occurred to her that technically he was right, she was successfully hiding it, but still, it was not funny. It was hard work. It was bad enough with just the one pair, after being 'enhanced'. At least they got smaller as they went down; the middle pair was the size of her original ones and the bottom ones were a size smaller than that. "It's kind of ironic," she said to herself, "having these bags of fat on my lower chest and belly, is kind of turning out to be quite a workout for my abs. I could end up with a six-pack, with a workout like this."

She made it through the rest of the day and was walking home with Jon.

"Can I see?" he asked.

Karyn looked around. They were alone on the street. "All right." She lowered her backback to the ground and lifted her shirt up in front of him.

"Holy shit! I just meant lower your backpack, not that you would flash me!"


"They look very nice, by the way."

"You would think that, perv."

"What? I thought you were fishing for a compliment when you said 'oh' so depressedly after I wasn't showing enthusiasm about you flashing me!"

"Oh, I guess, that makes sense, yeah, uh, never mind, I'm sorry, I shouldn't have done, I mean, well, um, thanks for the compliment, that was actually a very nice thing to say when I see it that way," she said, obviously very flustered. "Still, what I meant was, 6 breasts? Really?"

"Hey, it's the full feline experience. Don't complain to me, I didn't design cats to have 6 nipples."

They walked the rest of the way to Jon's house mostly in silence.

"Want to come in?" Jon asked.

"2 to go, and you want to see them. And I also want to make a wish."

"Uh, Karyn, what are you going to wish for?"

"You promised, I get a similar wish. I have preferences too. Chicken? Buck buckaw?"

Jon looked at Karyn pensively.

"Buck buckaw, buckaw?" she emphasized, making the "chicken" motion with her arms.

"Fine!" he said.

Karyn called her family and told them she would be staying late or possibly overnight with Jon. They knew Jon and knew he was a good boy, so they knew this was not a problem. Little did they know, they may have been right to worry, after all, since sexual things were exactly what they would be doing, though nothing that could end with her pregnant, so they were safe trusting him that much.

In Jon's room, Jon said "I guess I'll give you your privacy."

"No, that's ok, you can watch."

"Wow, really?"

"Sure. But my wish first."


"Oh don't be like that. I'm not even going to make it a surprise, you'll know exactly what is coming, and I don't think you'll really have a problem with it."

"Ok, go ahead," Jon said in defeat, holding out the little box holding the stone.

Karyn picked it up. "Ok rock, I wish that Jon would also transform, as I'm doing, into a catgirl, going by the same rules, but would immediately catch up to my level of progress of 3 out of 5, and then change back when I change back."

"Karyn! Cat GIRL?" Jon asked in surprise. "Yi!" Jon yelped as a fustercluck of changes hit her all at once.

"I told you I had my preferences."

"Oh. Ohhhh. I, I didn't know. But I guess I shouldn't be that surprised."

"It's all right. It's not a big deal. I'd rather you kept it a secret, but it's not like I'm not a social outcast anyway, and I don't think most people generally care about that sort of thing these days anyway. Just so you know, I would have actually settled for you as a guy, but I'd really rather have you as a girl, and with the magic rock, that's an option. And since it's only temporary after all, I'll bet you wouldn't really mind being a girl for me, at least when we do sexual things together, right?"

"I, I guess not. Still, that's still kind of a bombshell."

"Yeah, I figured. Look, everyone is perverted in some way or another, right? Don't judge me!"

"Whoa, Karyn! I'm NOT judging you, not badly at least. I absolutely do NOT have a problem with you liking girls. And yes, lesbian sex with you has a definite appeal to me, it is definitely better for both of us this way if you strongly prefer girls to guys. If we do a cost benefit analysis, it's way, way better this way, since I'm not even sure this way doesn't have more appeal to me. So don't worry about it, we can smooth over all these problems with the stone, all right?"

"Yeah. All right, want to go for change number 4?"

"I already know what it is, so it won't be a surprise to me," Jon said.

"I wonder if there was some better way for me to do it, so that it would be exciting for you. Maybe erase your memory of your wish, but I'm inclined against mind altering. Man though, I don't know if I can do it two times without cheating with the stone, I'm exhausted already."

"Girls get exhausted?" Jon asked in surprise.

"Yes of course girls get exhausted!"

"I meant by sexual things."

"Yes, by sexual things. We're human too. Well, not so much any more," Karyn said, looking down at her tail and other extra assets. "But still a 'person'. Guys literally can't get right back into it immediately while girls don't have as strong a limit that happens at orgasm, but that doesn't mean they don't get tired at all."


"Well, do you want to, you know, together?" Karyn said, blushing.

They cuddled and ineptly toyed with each other for a while, before Jon announced it was about to happen to her.

"Sorry Karyn, I'm going to spoil the surprise for youuuu...." Jon said, fluffing up also with black and white fur. Her tail straight up, she coated in a thin coat of fur all over. She also gained big, long whiskers, and her nose reshaped a little bit to combine a bit with her mouth, which pushed a bit forward. Not completely a cat muzzle, not a human face, but something in between, and not unattractive at all. She was quite pretty in a new and unusual way, much as a cat can be especially pretty and a human can be too.

"I knew it was the 4th or the 5th already, so it's not spoiling much. But the face too. It looks good! Ah. Here I go! Ahhhhhh...."

While Jon was black and white, Karyn on the other hand continued with the leopard pattern as it was on her already furry tail. They experimentally rubbed against each other.

"That feels nice too," Karyn said.

"Yeah, no kidding. One more to go," Jon said. "Oh shit, my mom's home." They could both hear her with their new and improved hearing. They were dead silent and still.

"Jon, I'm not feeling good, I'm just going to order a pizza for you tonight and go to bed, what do you want on it, is your usual, mushrooms and pineapple good?" his mom yelled up to him.

Jon was about to yell up before remembering she had a girl's voice now. Quickly she grabbed the stone and said "for the next 15 seconds I wish I had my original guy's voice." Truth be told, she was feeling carnivorous at the moment, what a surprise, turning halfway into a cat will do that to you, but just yelled out to her mom, "Yeah, that's fine. Get well soon mom, I love you."

"I love you too Jon!" her mom yelled back. Jon's mom was feeling very good at that. Jon didn't say he loved her very often. She would have to show her appreciation somehow later. But how? She wasn't feeling so good, so she went to bed after ordering the pizza. "I left the money on the kitchen table for you son, when the pizza man arrives."

"Thanks mom!" Jon accidentally shouted in her girl's voice, forgetting herself, covering up her mouth afterward. To be fair, being a yell, it did still plausibly sound like it could have been Jon's normal voice, just yelling in a higher pitch than usual, so it didn't cause any suspicion, it just made Jon very nervous.

"Well, even if I'm like this, I don't want my mom to be suffering." Jon held the stone and said "I wish that at exactly 8:36 pm, my mother would suddenly start feeling substantially better. That gives us a 10 minute window afterward. There. My moral obligation as a caring son, er, daughter, is complete."

Jon and Karyn were still trying to be very, very quiet about it. "We only have 10 minutes left," Jon said. "At this rate, we're not even going to have any time to enjoy it before we change back."

"Wait, I feel it, I'm going to! I'm going to do it! Just in time," Karyn said.

"Me too! I've got it too!" They clung around each other, rubbed against each other and kissed as it happened.

Karyn looked down at herself, and saw her hands, as they changed into paws. With a tightening of muscles, she unsheathed her claws in her right paw.

"To be honest, I was kind of expecting this," she said.

"There were only so many things left it could have been," Jon confirmed. "But it's more than just that. Try standing up."

Karyn tried to stand up and clumsily fell back down on her front paws. "Oh!"

"Yeah, welcome to the quadruped club!"

"I'm a kitty! Meow!" she said, holding out her right front paw, raising her tail into a questionmark shape.

"Do you like it?" Jon asked.

"I love it. This is so fun! Let's do this again some time!" Karyn answered. "Let me try this again," she said. She stood on two legs, and walked around. "This isn't that hard, it just took me off guard the first time I tried it. I won't be winning any races on two legs though. Whereas I'm probably way faster than a human on four. It might be fun to put on clothes and try to act human like this, I bet we could mostly pull it off."

"None of these clothes will fit," Jon said, waving to her dresser. She put a paw on the stone and said "I wish for some clothes that would fit us well."

"It won't fit us for long," Karyn remarked. "What a waste."

"What, you want to get your money back?"

"Har har."

They quickly put on some clothes. Jon was wearing short pants with a hole in the back for her tail, and a camisole. Karyn was willing to try something a little more difficult, and managed to get on jeans and a turtleneck sweater.

"The funny thing is, that they're actually shaped differently for our legs, so even though they're like human-styled clothes, they aren't for humans," Jon commented. "It's kind of like maybe clothes that might have been made by some advanced alien race of catpeople. Oh my god, I can't believe how cute you look like that. With your paws at the ends of those long sleeves instead of hands. If not for that, you could almost pass for normal, if you wore a hood, but that would be a waste because your face is not something to hide either."

"You too. Jon, don't take this the wrong way, but your body's shape is really feminine. And yet feline. But just human enough. You have a really nice figure. You're a really good looking girl, Jon."

"If you could see through this fur, you would see I'm blushing," Jon said.

"I wish Karyn had gloves that fit her new paws," Jon said, touching the stone. She put them on. "Oh my god, I could die of diabetes from seeing this."

(ding dong)

"Oh shit! The pizza man! I totally forgot about that! And we haven't changed back!" Jon said. She looked at the clock radio. "4 minutes left!"

"He's not going to wait at the door for 4 minutes," Karyn pointed out.

"I know that. Ah, you know what? Fuck it."

Jon carefully walked down the stairs on all fours, and then with effort, stood bipedally, her tail swishing back and forth behind her, scooped the twenty dollar bill on the table with her right paw, swept it into her left one, walked on two legs to the door, fumbled with the doorknob with her right paw for about 5 seconds before realizing it was locked, barely managing to push the lock 90 degrees counterclockwise, fumbled with the doorknob some more, got the door open, and faced the pizza man.

"Two large 2-topping pizza special with a free breadstick for you, that will be 16 dollars and 37 cents," he said.

Karyn held out her adorably gloved paws and he handed the pizza boxes to her, while Jon cautiously held out her big fluffy paw with the 20 dollar bill on top.

The pizza man reached into a dispenser of some sort that was made into a belt and held out 3 one dollar bills. "I don't have any coins for change," he said. He was completely unfazed by what he was seeing. The man was a rock.

"How about 2 dollars and 63 cents for a tip? ... No, that's ridiculous, the whole 3.63, keep the change. Just don't tell... anyone about this, ok?"

"Thank you ma'am," he said. "Tell anyone about what? You two have a nice night now." The pizza man waved to the two furry catgirls and hopped off toward his pizzamobile.

"That guy is so cool," Jon said.

"Yeah, maybe we should turn him into a catgirl and have him over some time," Karyn said.


"What? Us cats are polyamorous by nature. Didn't you know that?" she giggled at Jon.

They sat down at the table, opened the boxes and started chowing down.

"It's kind of surprising, it tastes pretty much the same like this," noticed Jon. "I have heard that cats can't taste sweet, and I'm definitely tasting the sweet of the pineapple, but then we're still objectively probably mostly human.

"Jon, what the hell is going on."


"Jon. Longest 4 minutes ever," Karyn said angrily.

Jon looked at the clock. "What? We're 5 minutes over. What's going on?" Jon looked down at a paw. She flexed her claws. Maybe the clock in her bedroom was not synchronized with this one?

Jon and Karyn put down their pizza slices and rushed on all fours for Jon's room, as fast as they could while still being silent. They were lucky to also not have run into a sibling of Jon as well. Jon clumsily managed to turn the doorknob, went in her room, got out the stone, put a paw over it and said "I wish I knew what happened. Oh. Ohhhhhh."

"What is it," Karyn asked.

"I'm sorry Karyn," Jon asked.

"Sorry for what Jon."

"I kind of maybe maybe screwed up the wish just a little bit."


"I wished, yesterday, that for the next 24 hours, and only for the next 24 hours, that every time you had an orgasm, you would progressively change into a catgirl, with the 5 stages you know. I kinda maybe didn't exactly wish for the changes themselves, once they had happened, to have a time limit, per se."

"You mean..." Karyn said in alarm.

"I mean you're a kitty now, Karyn. I mean we're kitties."

"Meow," Karyn said.

"I'm so sorry, Karyn," Jon said.

Karyn kissed Jon, hard.


"To hell with it. You're my girlfriend now, and you're unbelievably cute, and so am I, and by golly, right now I am going to make sweet sweet lesbian cat love to my hot catgirl girlfriend, and then we will not be remembering this day as a bad day, we will remember this day as a good day."

"You're taking this awfully well, Karyn," Jon said.

"Shut up and do something better with that tongue Jon."

Jon complied. "OW oh, it's scratchy, it's sharp! Be careful with it, be gentle!"

"You too!"

They made very cautious 69 for several minutes. The situation itself, being trapped, knowing they were stuck like this, was actually so sexy to them that they were getting close anyway, even though they were low on energy. And then Jon's mom, suddenly feeling substantially better than a few minutes earlier, burst through the door, to tell her son in person that she loved him and that he was the best son ever.

"Jon, I oh my god!" she yelled.

Jon tried to say anything but had just been driven past the point of no return. As had Karyn. Karyn rolled off Jon. They tried to stifle it, but it was too late.

"Uh, mom, I aahhhh!!!!" Jon started, as both she and Karyn squirted fairly decent splatters of bodily fluids into the air in full view of Jon's mom.

Jon's mom slowly edged out of the room and closed the door without saying another word.

"Karyn, no offense, but I have a funny feeling that I'm going to remember this day as a bad day after all," Jon said.

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