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2. Jon embarrasses Biff and Sarah

1. You Are What You Wish

Jon embarrasses Biff and Sarah

on 2017-06-08 19:54:24

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The next day, Jon sat in the back corner of the room in his English class. It was a free reading period for the last ten minutes, so while he held a book in his hand, he wasn't reading at all, just thinking about the stone. Some of the class read, most were silently just waiting out the clock. Mrs. Nelson, the teacher, sat grading papers at her desk, thankful for the relative silence, and almost oblivious to her students.

Biff and Sarah, meanwhile, who sat next to Jon, were making out, as they always did whenever they could. This annoyed Jon, as he had to deal with it during English class nearly everyday. He was thankful when they decided to skip a few times a month. Although, he had to admit, he was a little jealous of them, as most kids were. Despite being two of the meanest in school, they were also probably the two best looking.

He then decided he would make a wish, he whispered so quietly only the stone could hear, "I wish that something impossibly embarrassing would happen to Biff and Sarah to make them stop making out."

There was a flash, and...

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