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4. early riser

3. world of change

2. checking the limits

1. You Are What You Wish

World of Change: Morning Bounce

on 2017-05-16 16:26:06

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My alarm went off far to early the next morning. Normally I woke up at 7, which gave me just enough time to throw on a fresh T-shirt and run to school which was only a block away. But as I opened one weary eye to glance at my clock I saw the blurry outline of a 6 in the hour position. Some shithead must have thought it would be funny to pull a little prank on me.

I furtively pawed at my nightstand, trying to remain as unconscious as possible so I could go back to sleep. But the same dick who changed the alarm time also moved the clock further away from my bed and I succeeded in doing was knocking a pair of glasses onto the floor. Which stuck me as odd because I thought I had 20/20 vision.

That little mystery stirred my thoughts and as confusion woke me further I became aware of other little oddities. I always slept on my stomach with limbs sprawled out in all directions. But as I woke up I became aware of a something on my chest pushing into the mattress and pushing me higher off the bed. It was almost like my chest had doubled in size overnight. There was also a dull ache in my back; presumably because my back had to bend uncomfortably for both my enlarged torso and my navel to rest on the bed. Further down, my ass felt strange, almost like I'd acquired more mass there as well. When I shifted slightly it jiggled, not ridiculously, but enough to be noticed. That shifting also resulted in my legs rubbing past each other with smooth skin on smooth skin, instead of the usual hairy appendages I was used to.

The final straw that made me fully wake up and realize what was happening was when I turned my head. I accidentally rolled onto some of my hair (which shouldn't have been possible) and pulled, sending sharp pains into my scalp and finally banished my drowsiness. Now fully awake, I could remember my wishes last night and the changes I made to reality.

Sitting up on the edge of my bed, I silenced the alarm clock and started to take stock of my own personal changes.

Surprisingly, the first thing that jumped out at me was my hair, although the fact there was a a clump of purple bangs hanging in front of my eyes, and that the ends of it were tickling my shoulders and back made it stick out. Ignoring certain jiggling for the moment, I reached around and pulled a chunk of hair in front of my face. It was certainly a lot longer than it was last night and much curlier too, though none of that was completely unexpected. The really weird part was the color. Up at the top near the roots my hair was now a bright violet. In the middle it darkened to a deep blue, and then lightened up a the tips into an almost turquoise shade. While I didn't have a problem with colored hair, I also couldn't imagine what part of my wish would have done this. And it wasn't like it was dyed or anything; other than being multi-hued in blue and longer it didn't look or feel any different than it did last night.

Putting aside the color conundrum I turned my attention to the rest of my body. The main thing which leaped out at me (almost literally) was, as expected, my breasts. Unsupported and from a previously unknown angle they looked like tan semicircles seamlessly blended into my chest. They weren't massive; I had enough foresight not to shackle everyone with massive knockers, but they were full and perky, topped with nice pert nipples.

Unfortunately my self investigation ground to a halt. While I could raise up my hands to my face to see my longer, more nimble fingers, my vision blurred so I couldn't easily distinguish things any further away than my stomach. I could feel that what was once my boxers seemed to have drastically constricted, giving me a wedgie and exposing half my ass to the sheet I sat on, if I was going to give a more thorough examination I would need something to correct my vision. Remembering the glasses I had knocked to the floor earlier, I dropped to my knees to try and find them.

Of course the very act of moving sent ripples through my body. It wasn't horrible, just a little wobble in my chest and a slight jiggle in my butt, but never having had to deal with that before made it quite distracting. Luckily my new glasses had landed just next to my nightstand, and after sliding the slim purple frames on my face I was rewarded with my usual quality of vision.

I barely had time to stand up and begin to take stock of my room before my door was thrown open. Before I could think to cover myself up Zoe had poked her head in. "Sis if you don't get in the shower... What the hell Jen! Put some clothes on girl." I hastened to wrap myself is some loose bed-sheets.

"Sorry, I just got up." As I replied I noticed that my voice was higher pitched, somewhere in the alto range whereas before I was more of a low tenor, but I didn't have time to dwell on it.

"I don't care if you're running late, I'm not going to let you mess up my schedule. If you don't get in the shower in the next five minutes I will." And with that she left with a slammed door.

That explained the alarm clock then; apparently in this reality I showered in the morning instead of the evening. In other circumstances I might have said screw it, I realized that it would probably better if I stuck to the expected morning routine so as not to draw awkward questions. Grabbing my towel hanging from the door, I rushed down the hall to the bathroom, resolving to get a better look around my room when there were fewer people yelling at me.

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