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2. Loading the Genetic Dice

1. You Are What You Wish

Loading the Genetic Dice

avatar on 2017-04-06 19:26:35
Episode last modified by Phoenix on 2020-09-13 11:15:37

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(Full Credit to Kongobongo for the idea!)

Jon's thoughts were in chaos for much of the afternoon, and his homework remained unfinished in his backpack. How could he even think about something so trivial when he had the strings of fate at his fingertips. With a gasp he looked around his room, and realized he'd been staring vacantly at the stone for the past 30 minutes. He rubbed his eyes and tried to blink away the anxiety that ached in his mind. Deciding to take a short break he returned the stone to its hiding spot, and trotted down the stairs to the kitchen. There's no headache that a caffeinated, sugary, carbonated drink can't fix! Or at the very least it would distract his mind.

He stood in the living room sipping at his drink. His sister had the TV on, but wasn't paying any attention to it. The screamo shrieks coming from her phones earbuds were almost as loud as the TV. He turned his attention to the screen. "...believe that in fact each sperm and egg may have a predisposition towards contributing different genetic features." The smooth voiced announcer informs the audience. Immediately the scene cuts to wiry haired man in a frumpy tweed jacket. "By now, we all understand genetics. Mother and Father both contribute a portion of their genetic material at conception. If the father's sperm contributes a Y chromosome the child will be male, if it contributes an X the child will be female and so on " He becomes more animated and starts talking with his hands. "But what we're finding as that we can influence which factors are passed on be selecting specific sperm cells for insemination. Each sperm carries slightly different genetic markers. It's still mostly random, but in fact each individual sperm is inclined ever so slightly to contribute this strand or another to the pairing..."

The man rambles on but John's thoughts have since turned elsewhere. Could it really be so easy? Maybe the solution to Karen's problem lies with genetics.

John scurried upstairs, his soda left forgotten on the sofa side table. His phone is already in his hands, texting Karen.

"I think i have an idea to fix you!"

She responded aptly.
"That's fast; what do you have?"


"You are not messing around with my genetics."

"Just trust me Karyn.You have blonde hair because your genetics! If we just change your genes back to how they were-"

"One problem with that Jon-boy. I don't have blonde hair because of genetics. I have blonde hair because of the wish. I mean, the wish may have changed my genetics, but the genetics aren't why. I don't think it'll fix me.:

Jon thought for a moment.

"We can try it out tomorrow."

Karen's response was an emoji rolling its eyes.

"Don't be like that! I still want to try something i saw on the science channel."

"Just be careful."

The phone was quiet for a couple seconds.

"And wish that i remember the real you!"
"If you mess something up, Ii don't want to be stuck thinking that nothings wrong!"

By then John had made it back to his room, and was sitting on his bed. At last his eyes turned to the stone. "The only question is " John pondered out loud. "How should I go about this "

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