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2. A Super Wish

1. You Are What You Wish

A Super Wish: Origin Story

on 2017-02-27 05:43:54

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That evening, Jon spent a couple hours doing his favorite activity, reading comic books. He finished the last one and sighed. Jon loved the stories, but it seemed that they never lasted long enough ... even savoring each panel, he finished an issue in only half an hour or so. If only there were a way to experience more of them!

Then the box on the nightstand caught his eye. Maybe there was a way...

Jon carefully opened the box and removed the stone. He thought for a minute about what to wish for, then said, "I wish that I would become a superhero, and tomorrow would be when my origin story happens." The stone flashed, and Jon squinted as the magic worked. He looked around his room. Nothing seemed any different. But tomorrow was sure to be interesting!

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