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2. Transformation War

1. You Are What You Wish

Transformation War- Prologue

on 2017-02-09 17:22:51

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"Who is that guy?" asked Karin. Jon looked way she pointed.
"Oh, that is Michal. Exchange student from Europe." Jon said.
"Oh, so this is the guy, who is the reason, why our cheerleader team is so furious whole two days." Karin sad.

Michal TurÄ?an, exchange student from Slovakia, came to this school a week ago. He was quite short and robust guy, with long dark brown hair in horsetail. He talked with some accent which didn''t sound like Rusia accent but was little similiar. Time for time he pronounce something little wrong but his english was quite good. Jon who already talked to him know that he like comics and anime. Despite of his interests, for which most people would consider him geek or nerd, he looked rather like hipster. He was mostly nice guy. He somehow managed to become friend with Zoe and her group, Jon and even Sarah. Despite of that Sarah friends didn''t likes him and nobody was even suprised.

He was talking friendly to popular and unpopular people without any difference. That wasn''t nothing bad but it teased some of Sarah''s group. Little annoyance becomes unhiden hatred after incident two days ago. One of cheerleadrs, Mandy lost her purse. Michal noticed it and tryed return purse to her. But Mandy wasn''t gratefull at all. She began yelling at him "How dare you." and began some monologue about place of cheerleaders, and place of unpopular losers like him. On the start he looked touched but when she talked about places, he began laught. He laught out loud and unfaked. Everyone noticed them already when Mandy began yelling and now when he laught at her, it was very humiliating for her. She decide take revenge and send Biff ( he cheated Sarah with Mandy and recently dumped Sarah and began dating with Mandy). Biff actually lost fight with Michal and next time return with two others guys but they lost again. When Biff take biger group agains him, Michal somehow managed to avoid them.

Michal comes to Jon and Karin" Hey, Jon." He said and then look into Karin" and we was not introduced yet."
"Oh, yeh Karin this is Michal. Michal this is Karin." said Jon.
Michal for some reason looked like he was deep in his thoughts when he answered" Nice to meet you. Jon talked lot about you and Sarah mentioned you too."
"How is it with her, when you mentioned her already?" Jon asked.
Michal finaly looked like himself when he answered "Oh hej, we argued little yesterday about that incident. She didn''t mind Mandy''s humiliation but she wanted know what that was about."
"I still don''t get what was that funny, that you laughet so much." said Zoe who just arived."Her options were ridiculous.Superiority of Cheerleaders. Such nonsense. Popular people are popular becouse others decide about that. If girl like her are nasty to others then she shouldn''t be popular. Besides what she did that she wants authority. In Slovakia we don''t have any Cheerleader and nobody cares." Michal said and Karin wondered" Did you tell this to Sarah?"
"Well, yes and little more." Michal looked little guilty when he was telling this. " Better we don''t talk about this. Talking about it is rude from me.Anyway I must go. Nice to meet you Karin. We will talk later, Zoe and Jon."

"He seems like nice guy." said Karin when Michal leave.
"He is nice. He was always friendly to me and Athena" Zoe said.
"He seems worried about his fight with Sarah. Despite of his option about cheerleades he and Sarah sits quite well." Jon said.
"By the way where is he living?" Karin ask.
"For the time he is exchanged student he is living with us." said Jon.
"Really? I didn''t know, you are hosting someone in your house." Karin said.
"Our mom likes him." said Zoe "He is very nice to her."

Bell was ringing and they went to they classes. But Jon didn''t know someone stole his stone. Also non of them noticed any changes whole two weeks until...

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