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2. Contest of the Wicked

1. You Are What You Wish

Contest of the Wicked: Prologue

on 2016-12-10 17:24:49

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Night had finally reached the town soon to be plagued by magic. Everything was in place for another cycle of reality warping magic changing the very nature of the small town. But tonight would begin the machination of a being planning for battles with far greater stakes than normal. However, these plans could not start until they finished their business with a high school student in that same town manipulated by the impossible.

The figure was hidden in the bedroom of a sleeping teenage boy known as Zach Jones. Known by classmates as a comedian, but not well known enough to be popular. Infatuated with the head cheerleader, but not enough to be completely charmed. He was essentially the clever everybody. On a chess board, he would be an extra pawn piece that would never touch the board. But it was Zach's quick wit that he used for comedy that the figure felt could be used for something greater.

Zach did not wake up when that unknown figure placed their glowing orange palm on his chest. A gift was bestowed upon Zach that will cause him great despair. But in that despair, Zach will become more powerful than he could ever imagine.

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