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2. The Exchange student

1. You Are What You Wish

Jon's culture shock

on 2016-12-02 23:14:45

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I went home and headed up to my room. I had a few hours before dinner so decided to blow off some steam and try to think of a solution to Karyn's problem. I did my best thinking while 'blowing off steam' so to speak, so booted up my laptop and loaded up my favourite website and searched for pics of sexy babes. I was browsing the sexy Asian babes section when I reached climax. Without thinking I blurted out "I wish I looked that sexy."

Realising what I had just said I froze and as my eyes blurred I realised I'd had the stone next to me on my bed and my bare leg had brushed against it as I had wished. With a gulp I rushed to the bathroom and gasped at my new appearance:

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