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2. Zoe Interprets: Reboot

1. You Are What You Wish

Zoe Interprets: Zoe Gets a Hold of the Rock

avatar on 2016-10-09 21:26:36

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The next day Jon decided to leave the stone at home again as he didn't want anyone to make any more accidental wishes until he and Karyn could figure a way to control them. So Jon got dressed and then had breakfast before leaving for school.

Meanwhile upstairs in her room Zoe was looking for her headphones but she couldn't find them. Figuring that Jon had borrowed them without asking Zoe went into his room to have a look.

After looking through the drawers in his bedside table Zoe noticed the rock lying on the table. She then also noticed the note lying underneath it. Zoe's eyes widened in disbelief as she read the note.

"No fucking way!" She gasped. "A wishing rock? This has to be some fucking joke" Zoe didn't believe the rock was real but decided to give it a try anyway. Holding the stone Zoe said "I wish I had the headphones that I was looking for earlier" Zoe felt her eyes close as the wish was granted and when she opened them she saw that in her other hand she was holding the headphones.

"No way!" Zoe exclaimed. "This thing is real". Zoe read the note again and then thought to herself "I can't believe grandpa chose Jon over me. Thinking that he was more responsible ha! He just left it lying around. I think I'll teach him a lesson not to leave things like this lying around".

Grasping the stone tightly Zoe made her wish. "I wish that I had a stone that looked exactly like this one only that it was a normal stone". A stone appeared in her hand and Zoe placed it where she found the wishing stone.

Then to make sure that Jon wouldn't know that something was up she had an idea. "I wish that when Jon or anyone else made a wish on the fake stone I will be able to know what they wished for. I also wish that I can chose to ignore the wish or grant it by saying "Grant the wish" followed by a description of how the wish will be granted."

Zoe smirked as she felt the wishes being granted. "That'll teach him" She thought. Making one final wish she said "I wish that Jon had decided to take the rock with him to school"

Zoe smiled again as the fake rock vanished and then she headed to school taking the original rock with her.

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