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2. The ALL Powerful Girlfriend

1. You Are What You Wish

Introducing Cassy...

on 2016-09-10 13:13:17

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The light struck through the curtains and directly into the eyes of one Cassy Smith, waking her up from her dream abruptly only moments before her alarm was about to ring...she moaned, it was going to be another hard day of work at the Doughnut Factory where she was an assistant manager.
Cassy pulled the covers from her and gathered the strength she needed to get out of bed, then she doubled back on herself to switch off the alarm. Looking herself up and down in the mirror, Cassy was a regular girl, she was on the slimmer side of life but not without some perceptible fat, her hair was a dirty blonde and currently tied back into a ponytail and she was naked underneath the jersey that belonged to her boyfriend, Jacob.
She yawned; her morning routine consisted of taking a shower, getting dressed in the shitty pink and white uniform, having breakfast, rushing to her car due to how late she was going to be and running into work late. That's what she did and Cassy hardly ever swayed from that path, except for today, today something was a little different and it all happened when she sat down inside of her car this morning.
There was a package on the passengers seat, it was a square box with a bow, she eyed it suspiciously knowing that her birthday was three months away and reached for it. There were only two people that had keys to her car, the obvious one was her and the not-so obvious was Jacob...perhaps he had left her a present in an attempt to be sweet?
Cassy undid the bow with the box on her lap quickly, watching the time for work, and looked at what was inside the box...she stared at it with excitement as a large smile came over her face with how sweet Jacob could be when he wasn't a was a golden necklace with a pendant, the pendant had a gem on the inside of it.
She pulled it out and saw the note underneath it, grabbing it she read aloud, "Congratulations, you've been chosen for great responsibility....what you hold in your hands now is a small part of a Wishing Stone, a very small portion of power that can change reality to your whims...With it you can cast wishes that can only effect one person that you desire, simply state the name of whom you want to effect while holding the necklace, but be wary you can only choose once! - John."
A couple of questions washed over Cassy, the first being who was John, she had never encountered someone with that name whom she had known personally. Cassy looked at the necklace again, this had to be some kind of joke, she chuckled as she held the necklace up closer, "Jacob must be stupid if he thinks I'm falling for this..."
Her car pulled out of the sidewalk, moving away from her apartment building and onward to her day at work!

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